My fiance, who has just recently finished her Starship Captain training, and I are getting married in September, and she has left it up to me to create the centerpieces for my wedding. We decided that, due to our love of games, that each centerpiece should be a self contained, functional game. Our hope is that we can have the people who take home the centerpieces take home a game that they can play, and so what better way to make centerpieces than to create them out of pyramids? I have some ideas about what games I would use, and I'll list them here, but I'd love to hear from the community about what games they would like/expect to see if they were at this wedding.

My list so far includes:

Martian Coasters

Ice Dice



World War 5

Zark City



Thin Ice

Cracked Ice

So, knowing that I'm thinking of these, what other ideas would you all have? Keep in mind that I'm going to have to buy all of these stashes, so I'm thinking 3HOUSE and less, just due to the sheer costs involved.

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How about Daniel Solis' "Procession?" You can play it with a Chess queen and 5 marbles in two different colors, and a chess board (or bandana printed like a chess board), but I've found it works beautifully with a Queen pyramid and five pawns each. And, it was designed for a wedding, and the theme is a wedding processional. More here:


Are you intending that the games be played at the wedding? If so, I suspect that RAMbots is rather too long and complex for that kind of setting, where the focus is presumably on the wedding and the socializing, especially if many of the guests are not already experienced gamers. I'd tend toward simple short stuff like Martian Coasters in that case.

FWIW I've had success playing Stack Control with casual gamers.

I would suggest Pikemen in place of Rambots, actually.  The setup looks lovely, with each set of pieces already on the board arranged in a cool setup, and the rules are fFairly simple to explain.  Rambots is simple enough I suppose, but the board starts mostly empty.

Well the idea is some function, but a good portion of what I want is form. Pyramid games are very pretty and I want to leverage that. I understand why casual gamers would be put off by rambots or other similar games. I wish I could do volcano, but unfortunately the pyramid costs alone would bankrupt me. I guess I want the most attractive games I can find that are still accessible if you've ever played a board game before.

I get a lot of mileage out of playing Giant Volcano.  But this requires you actually have Giant Pyramids to play with.

Actually, that's the next project on my radar. My friends and I are going to make some attempts at some sturdy giant pyramids. We demo at cons and we play enough pyramid games to actually warrant their construction

Logger is nicely playable with assorted pyramids, if you wind up with a number of extra parts that need a game.

Depending on who is coming, and how you arrange tables and such, you might be able to simply put Treehouse at several tables with less experienced gamers.  It's a very fFriendly game with minimal part requirements.

First, this is awesome. Second, congratulations on your upcoming marriage!  Third, when you have your plan together, and know how many pyramids you need to order, be sure you call Alison at the Looney Labs office...  she has been known to offer discounts for larger purchases used at wedding receptions...

also, check out this old Fluxx Love Stores page:

Thanks Kristin!

So far planning has been going very smoothly, but this will be a great help. Actually, the great part about using the pyramids for centerpieces is that while it was my idea, Joshua has really been the one to run with it. Even so, I really appreciate your post.




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