Kristin Looney, Andrew Looney, July 25th 1996, Original Fluxx v 0.1

In order to make it easy for someone to pull the data out into a database later and do something fun with it, please start your answer with a coma delineated list with these four fields: your name, the person who taught you, when they taught you, which version


I realize few people will know the exact date they learned, if you know the year, just put the year, if you think it was sometime around 2006 then put "circa 2006".  Also, the person who taught you might be: someone at a game store - someone at a convention - a stranger at a party - the rules sheet - or whatever.  But if you know the person's name, please list it and encourage them to join this new fan club site!  (And if you are not currently using your real name as your user name on this new fan club site, please consider changing over to your real name.)

As for my answer...  yes, I was the first person ever taught how to play Fluxx. Andy recently found a memo he wrote dated July 24th 1996, where he outlined his ideas for a cool new card game. That memo was shortly followed by a card list, which I pulled into a little database I created in a program called Panorama.  This program took Andy's list and spat out cards in the format found on the original black & white version 1.0 decks we later published. So within just a few hours of getting Andy's card list we were able to print and cut out cards and play the very first game of Fluxx ever played!

Best quote from Andy's original memo: "I think this could be a really cool game"

Who taught you how to play Fluxx? Tell us about your first time!

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Ayisha Oglivie, Found Fluxx at a novelty shop and taught read the directions, circa 2005, Not sure which version

For ten years this has been my son and my favorite game.  Since then we have taught about 50 people how to play and will have tournament soon.

Lee Merrell, Amber Merrell (my daughter), Christmas 2014, Original Fluxx v 4.0 & Monty Python Fluxx.

My daughter brought Fluxx 4.0 & Monty Python Fluxx home with her when she came to visit over Christmas.  She said we needed a new family game to play (for years, we have played Skip-Bo any time the power went out or we otherwise decided to play with each other instead of being off doing our own thing.)  It was the four of us, me & Amber, my husband & son Woody who was also visiting for Christmas.  We were instantly hooked.  We learned first with original Fluxx, then tried Monty Python.  Amber & Woody were great at MP as they grew up watching the show, and could do all the challenges.

Now I have taught my Girl Scout troop (middle & high school) to play & it is a real hit on campouts.  I have Eco Fluxx, but haven't played it yet, as I didn't want to ruin the deck pulling it out on campouts.  We'll save it for indoors.

Greg Weston, Unknown Rabbit, August 11 2012, Monty Python Fluxx

We live on the east coast, but my wife works for a company near Seattle and goes out there a couple of times a year. In 2012 one of those trips coincided with the second GeekGirlCon and we decided that my daughter and I should come out for the weekend to visit and attend the con. We were introduced to Fluxx in an open table-game room and were hooked after one game. I've got a near-complete collection now, and have been infecting coworkers over the last couple of years.

I learned how to play two months ago, and thoroughly enjoy the games, one of my store customers brought it in and showed me how to play, I immediately bought three demos...the store constantly runs demos and this weekend to make it fun for those who didnt make it to Gen Con, we are demoing Batman Fluxx!!!  Excited to support this wonderful game!

David Lambert, a group of friends, July 2013, Monty Python and Cthulhu

There was a regular game night we had once a week with friends, and we normally played Cards Against Humanity the most, but sometimes other games.  Maybe just poker (didn't bet real money), maybe other tabletop games. One week in the summer of 2013, a friend was hosting the weekly game night at her metal workshop/art studio, and she invited a married couple we all knew but who hadn't previously joined us for gaming. The couple brought along their Monty Python Fluxx and Cthulhu Fluxx decks, and clearly others in the group (including the host) had played it with them before.  Those who knew the game taught those of us who didn't, and we played with each of the decks that night.

My wife and I enjoyed it so much (more Python than Cthulhu) that the next day I looked up the game on and saw that there were many other versions available, too.  I placed a $93(!!) order for Fluxx 4.0, Monty Python Fluxx, Star Fluxx, Oz Fluxx, Zombie Fluxx, Pirate Fluxx, and Martian Fluxx. In the fall I joined this Fan Club, and bought copies of Cthulhu Fluxx, Stoner Fluxx, Eco Fluxx, and Family Fluxx. As soon as the Target-only versions of Fluxx and Monster Fluxx were avaialble, I picked those up, and also grabbed the Fluxx app for my iPhone around the same time. 

It was a while before I decided to get the Fluxx Boardgame, but eventually I got it, too, just to have one of everything.  I grabbed the new-for-2014 items as soon as they were available, and my kit of new-for-2015 items is being shipped to me even as I type.  I guess you could say I'm a good customer.  ;)



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