Kristin Looney, Andrew Looney, July 25th 1996, Original Fluxx v 0.1

In order to make it easy for someone to pull the data out into a database later and do something fun with it, please start your answer with a coma delineated list with these four fields: your name, the person who taught you, when they taught you, which version


I realize few people will know the exact date they learned, if you know the year, just put the year, if you think it was sometime around 2006 then put "circa 2006".  Also, the person who taught you might be: someone at a game store - someone at a convention - a stranger at a party - the rules sheet - or whatever.  But if you know the person's name, please list it and encourage them to join this new fan club site!  (And if you are not currently using your real name as your user name on this new fan club site, please consider changing over to your real name.)

As for my answer...  yes, I was the first person ever taught how to play Fluxx. Andy recently found a memo he wrote dated July 24th 1996, where he outlined his ideas for a cool new card game. That memo was shortly followed by a card list, which I pulled into a little database I created in a program called Panorama.  This program took Andy's list and spat out cards in the format found on the original black & white version 1.0 decks we later published. So within just a few hours of getting Andy's card list we were able to print and cut out cards and play the very first game of Fluxx ever played!

Best quote from Andy's original memo: "I think this could be a really cool game"

Who taught you how to play Fluxx? Tell us about your first time!

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Daniel R. Nelon, Mike Figueroa, We opened a copy working at Barnes & Noble in 2004
My first game was with the "standard" set by a friend at a coffee shop circa 2002, I think. Our predominant version, now, is Monty Python.
Brooks Child, OA Ceremonial Team Adviser, 2006, 2.0
Wayne Terrell, Andrew Looney (via YouTube), early 2010, Family Fluxx.

Mike Cowper, the rules sheet, circa 1997, version 2.0


I had been talking about wanting to find someone to play Nomic. Another game with changing rules. My wife and I where at a game store (The Game Preserve in Greenwood, IN) and she saw Fluxx. She read the box to me because it also had rules that changed. Once she read the box to me I was hooked. We bought it and taught it to ourselves and our daughter. And later to many other friends and strangers.

Dennis D. Duquette, the rules sheet, November 2006, Fluxx 3.1

I had just gotten enthused for Looney games, by way of the pyramids, and brought home Fluxx to try. We played about a dozen games in a row.

I now always carry at least two Fluxx versions in the gaming backpack. My Fluxxination Captain list:

01. Monty Python Fluxx

02. Zombie Fluxx

03. Martian Fluxx

04. Fluxx 4.0

05. Family Fluxx

06. Eco Fluxx

I was first introduced to Fluxx at a roomates wedding reception.  There were 8 of us playing of various stages of drunkenness!


It was great!


-Eric Duckworth, Manager

Sci-Fi City

Cincinnati, Oh

Alex Bakhtin, Julia Viskrebentseva, in 2009, Fluxx 4.0


It was a good pastime in some cafe with my Moskow friends. First it was a little bit hard to go deep into the gameplay but soon I was inspired with love to this game. Since then I enjoy any chance to play it with my friends or new fellows.


Paul Ellison, myself with the rules sheet, can't remember when, version 3.0.


I earned the nickname 'Fluxx' by my friends because I always keep a pack with me when I go with them.

Craig Forbes, Steven Joel Zeve, June 28 1997(Baltimore Science Fiction Society annual picnic), version 1.0


I learned from a fellow BSFS member who brought a copy of Fluxx to the annual BSFS picnic.  I think I ordered a couple of decks a few days later.

Justin Lee, self-taught, April 20, 2007, version 3.1


I was in a comic book store with a couple of my friends when I noticed this intriguing card game called Fluxx. I read the back of the box & thought, "This look like it might be fun." From that moment on, I was hooked!

Chris Hazen, My Brain (The Rules sheet helped), circa 1997-98, Fluxx 2.0.



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