Kristin Looney, Andrew Looney, July 25th 1996, Original Fluxx v 0.1

In order to make it easy for someone to pull the data out into a database later and do something fun with it, please start your answer with a coma delineated list with these four fields: your name, the person who taught you, when they taught you, which version


I realize few people will know the exact date they learned, if you know the year, just put the year, if you think it was sometime around 2006 then put "circa 2006".  Also, the person who taught you might be: someone at a game store - someone at a convention - a stranger at a party - the rules sheet - or whatever.  But if you know the person's name, please list it and encourage them to join this new fan club site!  (And if you are not currently using your real name as your user name on this new fan club site, please consider changing over to your real name.)

As for my answer...  yes, I was the first person ever taught how to play Fluxx. Andy recently found a memo he wrote dated July 24th 1996, where he outlined his ideas for a cool new card game. That memo was shortly followed by a card list, which I pulled into a little database I created in a program called Panorama.  This program took Andy's list and spat out cards in the format found on the original black & white version 1.0 decks we later published. So within just a few hours of getting Andy's card list we were able to print and cut out cards and play the very first game of Fluxx ever played!

Best quote from Andy's original memo: "I think this could be a really cool game"

Who taught you how to play Fluxx? Tell us about your first time!

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Anna O'Connell, Kristin Looney, PenguinCon 3 (2005?  2006?), original Fluxx in whatever version was then current


Love this game and have been seeding packs of cards to friends all over the place. (UK, Ireland, Netherlands) in versions appropriate to those people/families.

Joshua Kronengold, Avram Grumer, the year it came out, 1.0


Avram pulled Fluxx out at a con (Lunacon, maybe?), and said "this is a new game by the people who made Icehouse", so naturally we tried it.  Two player.  And I hated it--we quickly found a hand limit zero and rules reset, so the game devolved down (for far too long) to random chance.


My slightly later games, with more than two players were better, as your chance of getting out of a boring lock were a lot higher, and you don't end up with quite as many completely random turns in that instance.

Daniel Shamblin, Roger Bechtel, sometime in 2004, 2.0


(Not completely sure on the version, but I know the first deck I owned was 3.0, and the deck I learned with was an earlier version).

Zev Sero, Hal Haag, Arisia 1997, 1.0

I taught myself and my wife Monty Python Fluxx in December of 2008. While deployed to Iraq in 2009, I taught fellow Airman the game and they enjoyed it very much. We played it almost everyday when we had downtime and essentially wore out my copy which I unfortunately have yet to replace... I have since purchased Zombie Fluxx & received Martian Fluxx as a gift from my Dice Tower Secret Santa this year! It's such a simple game to teach but in my opinion, impossible to master! I'm a fan for life! Can't wait for Pirate Fluxx ;)

This is almost exactly what happened to me, though I can't remember exactly who taught me how to play - I walked into the shop & walked out with Fluxx 3.0 & that other game made by the same company some strange thing called Chrononauts, just to see if it was as good.


I now have Fluxx 4 with almost every promo card, Zombie Fluxx, Monty Python Fluxx, Early American Chrononauts, Lost Identities & the Gore years (not to mention pyramids & accessories).

David Artman, Nicole (last name forgotten), 2005, Fluxx 2.0

I was first taught to play Fluxx — version 2.0, I think — back in 2004–05 by Cathy Raymond & her boyfriend Saif Ansari.  We played during lunch breaks at the office of the U.S. Chess Federation.  I've been addicted ever sense.  I only found out Fluxx was, and is, a Loony Labs game back in 2006 when I attended NonCon for the first time on my own.

Andrew Looney, Andrew Looney, July 24th 1996, imaginary mental version of the game played in my brain

I taught myself the game as I went through the process of inventing it.

Ryan Hackel, self-taught from rulesheet, January 2003, v2.1


I bought Fluxx v2.1 from The Citadel game store in Groton, CT.  I had never played a Looney Labs game before, so this was a cold purchase.  Went back for Chrononauts the following week.


What got me interested in Fluxx in the first place?  An ad that ran in InQuest magazine back in 1998.

Garrick Glickenhouse, Victor Parkinson, circa early 2006, 3.0

Not sure on the deck. Definitely pre-3.1 though (Black box); could have even been a 2.1/3.0 mixed deck. I believe he also introduced me to Chrononauts around the same time.
Is this the same Victor Parkinson that I know? I don't know where he was an undergrad, but I met him studying physics at Dartmouth, from which he transferred to Tufts.



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