Sure I'll start the first Fluxx discussion here.  :-)

In what groups do you lpay the various Fluxxen? 

Me?  I only use the basic Fluxx game as an intro the the ideas behind Fluxx.  Once everyone has played at least one basic games, I feel like we're all missing a great opportunity if we don't switch over to one of the others. 

If we have people int he group that are under, say, 18, I usually go for EcoFluxx.  I've had middle and high school kids really take to this version because it meshes with what they're learning in school.

Monty Python Fluxx seems to work well with "theatrical" groups.

After having played the prototype deck only a couple times at Origins last year, I'm guessing that Pirate is going to be my default non-basic Fluxx.

What about you all?  Different Fluxx for different occasions?

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I think I'm partial to Martian and Zombie Fluxx at the moment. I like Monty Python, but the Outrageous Accent card makes me reluctant to bring it down to the cafe for lunch time.

I think I'd have to do some digging to find a regular Fluxx deck, and I'm pretty sure I have at least 4 of them!

You should just remove the Outrageous Accent card from your deck for the cafe setting.  It's not like a lot of other cards are dependent on it...  I guess you might want to remove the singing card as well, and the Action that cancels those out (Too Silly, or No Singing, or whatever).

I typically take basic Fluxx (my promo card heavy deck of course.  *grin*) whenever I might have a chance to play.

I really love Martian Fluxx and MP Fluxx, but have found it is easier to talk people into playing the various flavors of Fluxx if I start them off with a game of the original.  Silly Humans ~.^  


I wish I had been able to play with the Pirate Deck last Origins (stupid new job training =p  ) but knowing me I'm sure it will be on my list of must have Fluxxen.  It does make me wonder if there will be a Ninja Fluxx and if they do make if there would be a way to have the pirates and ninjas battle it out.  *mischevious grin*

I tend to start people with Monty Python or Zombie, depending on their interests. I don't see a hierarchy that requires one to learn the vanilla game first.


Otherwise, I just keep my 4 favorite (Monty Python, Zombie, Martian and vanilla) in the gaming backpack to see what I can get played. Only in late September and October (leading up to Halloween) do I push more for Zombie and Martian Fluxx.

Your groupings pretty much match mine; using basic Fluxx (promo laden, as with Ms. Dillon's!) and adjusting as I feel would be 'appropriate.'  I sorrow that I've yet to teach Fluxx of any kind to anyone under 18, but should I do so I will consider trying EcoFluxx on them first instead.


Zombie Fluxx I generally reserve for those who've got the game down.  Dealing with so many Creepers is tricky business!



Although I really don't like Zombie movies, I think Zombie is one of my favorites.  It plays similarly to Martian Fluxx but I like it a bit better for some reason.  Monty Python is also great, and Pirate is probably shaping up to be in my top three as well.

I like Eco and Monty Python Fluxx. But the basic one is probably the best. I like to play with high school kids. And as a teacher, i use Fluxx system (Goal = Keeper + Keeper, Beware the Creepers etc) for reflexion at the and of topic.


With older players we prefer the basic Fluxx (4.0) and with preschool children Fluxxentration (with Eco cards) we call Fluxxeso...

We have almost every version of Fluxx, and our group is familiar with (and loves) all of them. If we acquire something new, of course that gets played. Since our core group has been playing Fluxx together for about 8 years, we feel pretty comfortable with any version that strikes our fancy. We had a blast with MP Fluxx when it first debuted. Lately we've been combining Martian and Zombie decks to play 'Apocalypse Fluxx', lots going on but pretty fun.

Basic Fluxx to teach anyone new how to play

Eco with my brother except we mix it with the original to create a jumbo game.
Stoner with, well, you know.
MontyPython with adults who have seen the movie and understand the jokes.

Zombie with friends, and usually my nieces and nephews who think zombies are just silly.

Martian when my friends and I just want to capture humans for the day.



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