Can anyone just verify this for me please, If your goal was an Evil goal - lets say "Fly, Monkeys!" and you have the 2 Creepers(Witch of the West & Winged Monkeys) needed to win the goal but you also have another Creeper, Do you need to get rid of this extra Creeper to Win? I know the Creepers all say "You can't win if you have this unless the goal says otherwise" but does this count if your winning with a Evil Goal? Surely all the Evil Creepers would be happy as long as Evil wins in the end, you don't need to get rid of all your Keepers when winning with a Good goal, What do you guys think?  

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The only Creepers you can have are those required to meet the Goal.  If you have any other Creepers, you don't win.

What if Double Agenda is active, and each Goal requires a different Creeper?  Can you then win by simultaneously satisfying both Goals, or does each Creeper impede the other Goal?

I believe you can win either or both, by having the appropriate cards on the table.  if the goal conditions are:

(A and B) or (C and D)

and you have A and B on the table, then you win.  If you have C and D on the table, you win.  If you have A and B and C and D on the table, you win.  Any *other* creepers will prevent you fFrom winning.

Each Creeper impedes the other Goal.  Example: The Goals are Fly, Monkeys! and Wicked Witches.  You have Winged Monkeys, Wicked Witch of the West, and Wicked Witch of the East.  Wicked Witch of the East prevents you from winning with Fly, Monkeys!, and Winged Monkeys prevent you from winning with Wicked Witches.  So you don't win.

This is a hard question..

Technically you do not win.. Double agenda says either 'this' or 'that'..

'This' goal does not let you win due to _that_ creeper..

'That' goal does not let you win due to _this_ creeper..

Double agenda says 'Not win' or 'Not win' = 'Not win'..

But to me personally, I would say you win.. Simply because it is a feat on its own to have both goals meeting their needs.

I see a lot of support here for making that a house rule.

^ +1 to what jeff said.

so answering your question, yes, you have to get rid all the extra creepers.



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