Am I right in thinking that the friends pictures in zombie fluxx are based on the looneys?  the female friend with the bandana bears a cartoonish resemblance to kristin. 


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Yes, those are Kristin and Andy.

Has anybody else played Zombie Fluxx with the Andy card?  In regular games, we count the Andy card as "Brains," but I read somewhere that in Zombie Fluxx, he counts as "A Friend."  We give the player the option to call him either in Zombie Fluxx, but they have to declare which at the time they play the Keeper.

There was an amusing poster made of all the many various versions of Andy, setup in the "Andy vs Everybody" area.  The Human Leader fFrom Martian fFluxx, the fFriends fFrom Zombie and stoner fFluxx, I think the "Andy Looney" keeper was represented.  I think there were a couple others, maybe even the Cartoon Andy fFrom the 7Dragons video.  It was a cool poster.  =)

Here is the poster:


which Andy just put up as part of his most recent Wunderland update:



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