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  • Do you jabber enthusiastically about Looney Labs Games whenever the subject comes up?
  • Do you enjoy teaching your friends and family and maybe even strangers how to play?
  • Do you yearn to help playtest the newest secret games in development?


Then join our demo team and call yourself a Game Technician! 


Your mission is simple...  to teach other people how to play Looney Labs Games and have tons of fun while you are doing it.


Game Tech Secret Store •  Reward Program  •  Demo Team Forum

Current Projects: 

To hear about local demo opportunities, please join the Game Tech Facebook Group! 

Looney Pyramids Demo Kit  

This kit will give you everything you need to run a series of really fun Cadet Training events for our pyramids...  to get started running events, request access to the Game Tech Secret Store, and buy the Looney Pyramids Demo Kit.

Holiday Fluxx  

The most wonderful game of the year hits stores on October 3rd - please help us promote it!

Here are details on the Holiday Fluxx Launch Kit.



Regular Show™ Fluxx  

The new card game with ever-changing rules came out on July 25th - please help us promote it!

Here are details on the Regular Show™ Fluxx launch kit.

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The maniacal matching card game came out on Mar 28th - please help us promote it!

Here are details on the Loonacy launch kit.



Choose One

Our new party game came out on Oct 18th - this game is like nothing we have ever published before!

Here are details on the Choose One launch kit.

The Looney Labs Game Tech Program is a very informal program... you can join our demo team just by clicking on the Demo Team checkbox on your profile page, and joining the conversation in the Demo Team Forum.  If you want to run events to help us promote our games, please do so!  You can sign up for access to our Game Tech Secret Store and buy one of our demo kits, which include instructions for running an event. If you run events in public, check out our Reward Program. To hear about local demo opportunities, please be sure you also join the Game Tech Facebook Group!  

We don't have organized convention support, or a structured way to hook stores/cons/fans together, but you are encouraged to contact us ( if there is anything you need that we might be able to help with on a case by case basis. 

Please post Event Reports to tell the community about your adventures playing our games!  Anything from teaching your family a game over the holiday, to the new games your pyramids lunch group are trying out, to running organized events at a store or convention is fair game for an Event Report. If you are having fun with our games, and have something fun to say about it, please write up a report! 

Thanks for helping us promote our games!


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