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Welcome to the Looney Labs Fan Club. Here are some links to help get you started...


If you are joining the demo team, please set up your profile page:

  • Your Photo - if you are comfortable doing so, please upload a recognizable photo of yourself as your profile image. We hope to meet you some day in person to play games together, and it's great when we can already recognize each other from our profile pictures!  If you are joining our Demo Team, it is important that you use a recognizable picture, so people can find you at your demo events.
  • Your Name -  please use your real name. Your name needs to match your account in our online store if you want to buy special Fan Club only exclusive items. Also, if you are joining the Demo Team, people can then put a face and name to the person they are learning the games from.
  • Rearrange your profile page - in order for your profile info (those two paragraphs about each of us that help the community get to know each other) to show up above your activity feed... please do the following: click on MY PAGE, click on the blue LATEST ACTIVITY title bar, and use your mouse to drag the LATEST ACTIVITY section to the very bottom of your page.  (Note: this does not work if you are using Opera as your web browser. If you are a geek who knows Ning, or would like to become one, and want to help us fix this profile silliness, please contact us about joining our Ning Architect group.)
  • Mad Lab Rabbits - with this new launch of our fan club, we have dropped the old Rabbit terminology; please help Kristin with this rebranding by NOT referring to yourself as a Rabbit in your profile. Long time fan... fan since the old days... there are lots of ways to say you've been a fan forever without calling yourself a Rabbit.
  • Retailers - please make an account for yourself as a fan (with a name/picture of yourself not your store) but feel free to say anything you want about your store on your profile page.  


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