Launch Team for Fluxx: The Board Game

Hello Game Technicians!

Would you like to help us promote our new board game?  It hits stores on July 26th - but you can get your copy several weeks early, so you can learn the game and start setting up events to promote it.

And to thank you for your help with this... we have put together a big bag of swag - with over $100 worth of games and promo items - and this bag is included when you buy the launch kit for Fluxx: The Board Game. 

To place your order, go to our webstore, log in, and click on the Game Tech Supplies tab (if you don't see this tab after you log in you need to request acess to the secret store.) 

When you place your order, please include in the text comments a little something about how you plan to promote the game... we have built a lot of these bags, but it is still a limited number, and we have more registered Game Techs with secret store access than we have bags. We don't need detailed plans, just something to let us know you really are planning to promote the game! 

Sorry the postage is so huge for international orders... this is 5 lbs of random stuff from our warehouse, and it really does cost $55 to ship it overseas!  You can order just the demo copy without the swag if you want. 

Please write up an Event Report afterward to tell us about your adventures promoting our games! 


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