Launch Team - Spring 2016

Hello Game Technicians!

We have three exciting new games coming in the spring of 2016! 

     • Uglydoll Loonacy - March 11

     • Firefly Fluxx - March 18

     • Mad Libs : The Game - March 31

Please help us promote our new games!

We are offering one big Launch Kit with demo copies of all three games - and are selling the kit to our Game Technicians for only $44.  (MSRP on the three games is $55 (or $71 if you include the value of the copy of Nature Fluxx we are throwing in for free), plus you get 4 posters, too!)

 What do you need to do?

      1) Order your kit (now available in the secret game tech store) 

      2) Jabber enthusiastically about these games to all your friends & family

      3) Look for places you can find gamers (school, work, church, game stores)

      4) Plan events to play the games with people! 

      5) Tell everyone the date each game goes on sale (brag about having them early)

The kits should start shipping the week of Feb 26th, so you will have your copy of our new MadLibs game over a month early!  

Thanks for helping us promote our games! 

To order this kit you must be a registered Game Tech with secret store access. To place your order, go to our webstore, log in, and click on the Game Tech Supplies tab (if you don't see this tab after you log in you need to request acess to the secret store.) 


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