Access to the Secret Game Tech Store

You can join the demo team just by clicking on the Demo Team checkbox on your profile page, but to be an officially registered Game Technician and have access to buy various special items (see current promotions) that are not for sale to the general public, you do need to get a few things set up to gain access to the Looney Labs Game Tech Store!

Just follow these simple steps:
  1. Login to your account at and go to “My Page” to view your own personal Fan Club Bio.
  2. Upload a picture of yourself - if you don’t already have one. (Oh, and no avatars*, we want to see the real you.)
  3. Fill in any missing information about yourself:  “History,” “About Me,” those sorts of things.
  4. Then, find the blue “Profile Information” title bar which looks like this: (it may be at the bottom of your profile page.)  If it is not at the top of your page, click on it and drag it up to the top of your page and drop it there. (This will make sure that your information is the first thing everyone sees when they view your page.)
  5. Register Here for an account at the Looney Labs Online Store (If you don’t already have an account.)
  6. Then email us at (make the subject "Secret Store access for [your name]" ) and send us a link to your Fan Club Bio page, along with the email address you used to register for the webstore (in step 5) not the fan club.

*Exceptions can be made if there's some reason you're unable or unwilling to put up a recognizable picture. Email us if you would like to discuss or have any questions.

After you notify us of your update, and provide your webstore email address,  we will flip a magic Looney switch and notify you when you have access to the Super Secret Game Technician Store  -  where you can purchase our Launch Kits (and a whole lot of other Game Tech exclusive products!)

If you log in to the webstore, and you don't see a tab at the very top for the Game Tech store (as shown circled in red, above), then your account is not yet set to have access. If you don't see that tab, then clicking a direct link to the store will simply send you back to the login page.
To hear about local demo opportunities, please join the Game Tech Facebook Group! 

Once you have access, you don't need to qualify for Launch and Demo Kits by posting your plans and writing reports for past events. Now, with access to the Demo Team Supplies area of the web store, Game Technicians can purchase Launch Kits, Demo Kits, Prize Support and other exclusive promo items whenever they wish. No required reporting... we trust you will use these materials to help promote our games. Thank you for taking our vision and our love of social and family gaming out into the far reaches of the world.  We do encourage Event Reports, when you have something to share, and you can get a really cool challenge coin for being an active demo member - check out details of this Reward Program.

Note to Retailers
Sorry, we can't give you access to the Game Tech store. Discounts work a little differently for stores in our order processing system. You can get special pricing on all these same items -- but you can't order through the Game Tech webstore to get them. You'll need to contact our Sales Department at or 301-441-1019 to place your order. You're absolutely welcome to be part of the Demo Team but you'll need to place your orders with us more directly, so we can make sure you're getting the right discount.




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