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Zendo at Who's Yer Con

I ran three scheduled 2-hour sessions of Zendo at Who's Yer Con last weekend in Indianapolis. Fellow Looney Labs game tech Bart Janssens joined my for several of these. We also played a couple of other unscheduled Zendo games.

Friday at 5:00 I had three other players, Bart and two newbies. Saturday at noon I had a group of three adults and two kids. They already owned some pyramids and were interested in learning more pyramid games. I think…


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Pyramids Demo

A bit late posting... But over the Christmas period I was showing my family how to play the Pyramid games, including:

Martian Coasters

Launch Pad 23

Pink Hijinks

Zark City

World War 5




Martian Chess

The favourites were Martian Coasters, IceDice, and Treehouse, and the least favourite was Martian Chess. People really enjoyed IceDice, with many people being caught out to shouts of "go…


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Chrononauts Demo

We've been taking along fun, quick (ish!) games to our regular Magic the Gathering play group, at Fanboy 3 in Manchester, so this week I decided to take along Chrononauts.

It didn't take too long show the group how to play the game, and everyone picked it up really quickly, and the game lasted well over an hour! People enjoyed the strategy, and the stories on the cards (which we read out when we won). 

There's a plan do play Uberchrononauts next time, as I now…


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Fluxx Demo

As I play Magic the Gathering with a regular play group at our local game store Fanboy 3 in Manchester, I decided to introduce them to some simpler, quicker games that we can play when we need a break from Magic.

Firstly, I introduced them to Fluxx 3.0 (I tend to keep the older versions of Fluxx on me as they fit easily into a pocket of a bag - perfect for Fluxx emergencies!). They quickly got the hang of that, so then I introduced them to creepers with Zombie Fluxx. The one…


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Choose One Demo

Got a chance to run my first Choose One demo with friends last Sunday. Our SciFi and Fantasy Book group decided to meet up for a Sunday afternoon boardgame session at our local pub. After a couple of longer boardgames, everyone wanted something without a lot of rules to learn, so I broke out the Choose One.

A group of 7 of us played for over 2 hours (with 4 observers at one point), and much laughter was had! We had to skip a few cards, as some of the cards were felt to be a…


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Gallifrey One -A great surprise for the 25th year!

February 14-16, 2014 at LAX Marriott in Los Angeles saw in the 25th annual convention of Gallifrey One, celebrating the last 50 years of all things Dr. Who. Of COURSE there were at least a couple of different Fluxx games in play throughout the weekend, except for when my Monty Python version went to be signed by Andy Looney. The best surprise EVER was when Kristin and Andy walked into the game room I was running on Saturday night and introduced Loonacy, a small travel Fluxx and had congoers…


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HS Programming Classroom Playthrough

Grover Cleveland High School, Ridgewood, NY

16 high school Seniors


I'm doing a three day activity with my students in my High School Programming Course. We are going to be looking at how to model the different actions when playing TREEHOUSE.

Day 1 - I…


Added by Andrew Woodbridge on November 13, 2013 at 11:12am — 2 Comments

Gaymer X

I just realized that I never did an Event Report for Gaymer X!  What was I thinking???

Gaymer X was the first ever gaming convention specifically for LGBT folks, and was held in San Francisco on August 3rd and 4th, 2013.  This was my first gaming convention ever as well, so I can't compare it to others.  But I have been told that it was one of…


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Choose One Demo Three

I got my third chance to demo Choose One on Saturday, November 2, 2013.  Some friends and I have a monthly game day, and we were looking forward to trying this newest Looney Labs game, as we have enjoyed several others in the past.  Unfortunately, scheduling conflicts made this group smaller than usual this month, with only three participants.  But we still had a great time!

Positive comments:

--"Cool bag!"

--Enjoyment of the game pieces.  One participant:…


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Fluxx: The Board Game--Various Demos

I purchased Fluxx: The Board Game at Gaymer X in San Francisco on August 4th. Since then I have played it with five children aged 7-11, my gaming group which consisted of 5 middle-aged women, and a retired couple. I did not get individual event reports written up, so I'm summarizing now.

F:TBG is fairly easy to adapt to if you are familiar with the original Fluxx card games. Even without that prior knowledge, it only takes about ten minutes to be up and running, and players are…


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Choose One Demo Two

Saturday, October 19th, was my second family demo. My boyfriend Max, his parents, and I had a great time and many hearty laughs playing Choose One. Ernie (Max's dad) plays maybe one or two games a year, so it was great that he was interested in playing not once, but twice! Then after he went to bed the remaining three of us played another two games. It was definitely a hit!

Max's response to the Dragons or Unicorns card: "Yes, please!!!" LOL! We established a house rule that you had… Continue

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Choose One Demo One

I celebrated Choose One Launch Day (Friday, October 20th) by playing a game with my in-laws. We had had a long afternoon and evening out, and my mother-in-law said she was too tired to play. I said, "OK, but can I show you the cool game pieces?" I got out the black velvet bag and dumped the pieces into my hand. "Look at the cute house and car... And the sparkly gemstone. And I love this actual metal nut." At this, my father-in-law came over to look. "Hmmm... Those are cute," says my… Continue

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Fluxx TBG first ever play.

So I finally got to try out FTBG. And its a fast speedy game. With only a couple of extra players, this won't count, but was good fun.

I did notice a minor problem. Because the pegs stick out the bottom of the pegboard, you need to pick up the board to change the peg settings, and you have to be careful when putting it down, otherwise it pushes all the pegs back out.

I'm fairly sure that FTBG is now on at least one persons Christmas list.…


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Gateway (Strategicon)

heres some pics from the Convention held over the labor day weekend. Times got messed up and we only gont one day of demos in but it sure was a fun time. Lots of after hours…


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Fluxx at MTU K-Day 2013 and Inaugaral GA Board Game Night

So September 6th was K-Day at Michigan Technological University. What it is, is that all of the student clubs have tables set up at a nearby state park, and new and returning students have a chance to see what clubs are available. Starting last year, as my husband is the president of the Gamer's Anonymous gaming club on campus, is that I run various board games, including Looney Labs games at the table. It helps bring in new members, and helps get over 4,000 people seeing Looney Labs games.…


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Fluxx TBG at our monthly Game Day - August 24

My husband and I have a once-a-month gaming group we meet up with.  We're always looking for quick, 'light' games that we can play in between the 2 and 3 hour behemoths that we only ever get to bust out at these sessions, just to refresh the mental palate and kill some time before the pizza arrives. 

After the first game ended I laid out the board and added a set of pennies and a set of quarters to accommodate the extra 2 players (our usual method of extending a game).  I noticed…


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Fluxx TBG at TWS Hobby Center - August 11th

My second demo outing was at TWS Hobby Center.  This business has had an internet presence for quite some time, but they opened a store front in late July (and I'm already spending way too much time there).  Foot traffic was light, but it was a gorgeous Sunday afternoon so I think we also lost out to the beaches.  By the end of the session we had 6 people total. 

First was a woman and her son (about 11).  She had heard about the demo and wanted her son, a Minecraft fan, to become more…


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Fluxx TBG at Game Master Games - August 7th

Game Master Games is the first place I brought Fluxx TBG, since our convention staff had already been screening Doctor Who at the owner's (totally awesome game-themed) restaurant.  About a dozen people came out (which wasn't bad for a Wednesday evening).  The group had tremendously varying experience levels ranging from avid gamers already familiar with Fluxx to people who weren't gamers at all.  People really enjoyed the game and sat in for several rounds.  I did notice that people didn't…


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Fluxx TBG Goes Backstage at the Philadelphia Folk Festival

Well, actually, it was UNDER the stage, but why quibble about minor details?

Members of the Philadelphia Folk Festival's Power & Lighting crew participated in a few demo games of FTBG in their secret HQ located beneath the festival's main stage last Saturday afternoon, during their off-hours before the concert began. Participants were moderately lubricated in advance with Cherry Bomb and/or Black & Blue apple ciders, from …


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Fluxx TBG with friends

This is really, really late- my Fluxx TBG party was back on July 19!  Whoops.  I had a group of friends over to my house, all of whom had played a version of Fluxx previously.  Everyone was really excited to try out this new twist on the game.  It took us playing two rounds of the game for everyone to understand the strategy behind the gameplay and what it took to win.  I had previously playtested the game at Tabletop Day, so I definitely started off with an advantage in the first round.…


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