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Fluxx Demo and Tournament

Finally remembered to bring my camera to a demo today at eBash in Indy. They're a video Game Center, but the owner looking at starting to carry a small selection of board and card games.

Ran a few games of Firefly Fluxx to teach people how to play and even got the store manager to sit in for a game. After the demo I ran a tournament with 8 people. Had two tables of four with each running Firefly Fluxx. First two people from each group to win moved on to the final game where we played… Continue

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Event Report: Spring Launch at Battlegrounds Gaming in Norwalk, CT.

Hello all!

Last night (March 16, 2016) in Norwalk, CT at Battlegrounds Gaming, I held a Looney Labs Demo Night with the Spring Launch kit.

I demoed a game of Mad Libs for 3, then Firefly Fluxx for 2. Then we had a game of Mad Libs with 4 and 2 more games of Firefly Fluxx with 2 players each.

I brought my own setup with a tie-dye tablecloth and a black Mad Science Institute lab coat.

Prizes were given out from the Warehouse Swag Bag…


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Game group debut of Firefly Fluxx

Introduced/Demo-ed Firefly Fluxx to a family game night last night.  Most adults and kids present had played other versions of Fluxx before.  The adults especially liked the Firefly version as they understood more of the references and in jokes.  Everyone , even the new to Fluxx folks, were able to catch on quickly and multiple games were enjoyed.

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Spring demo games at the Gloucester City Library

Today, I debuted Uglydoll Loonacy and Mad Libs: The Game at my library. We had a lot of kids jump in and out of the games, especially Mad Libs, but once everyone got the hang of them, they really enjoyed them. For kids with anxiety, Uglydoll Loonacy had all the excitement of Spot It but with much less pressure, so…


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Games and Gaming at the East Norwalk Library.


I have been running a game program at the library I work at in East Norwalk, CT for the past few months, close to a year.

It runs every Thursday from 4 to 5 p.m.

Three of the most popular games run are Choose One, Just Desserts and Oz Fluxx.

We normally have between 6 and 10 children playing, aged from 6 to 11.

Thank you for providing games to libraries through the International Gaming Day Program. I hope you participate again this…


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library game night

My local library holds a monthly game night that my husband and I recently started attending. Tonight we played Coloretto, which I found enjoyable, followed by several flavors of Fluxx and a quick round of Aquarius. First we played 4.0 but I neglected to take out my promo/extra cards and it was a little unwieldy, since my husband and I were the only ones that knew how to play. We opted to switch to Star Fluxx with no extras and that worked much better, with people catching on to strategy and…


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choose one - awesomeness or merrymaking?

Not really a gaming 'event,' but a great time was had recently playing Choose One! I am a therapist and I had to cover several group sessions in a row this past week for some coworkers who were sick, and since I had no idea what to do at the last minute, I grabbed Choose One out of my drawer. Some of the clients present were a bit persnickety and turned their noses up at first (games are for kids, you know), but once we got going, we played for a solid two hours! There were ten of us, myself…


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Gaslight Gathering - A Steampunk Convention

Lots of fun playing Fluxx and other Looney Labs games at the Gaslight Gathering this weekend! We got to meet lots of cool people with super cool personalities and costumes!…


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GenCon 2015

Greetings everybody,

The Fluxx Happy Hours were held Thursday and Friday after the exhibit halls closed. We sold out both of these sessions. One of the major reasons for selling out was the support we got from the booth. Batman Fluxx and Adventure Time Fluxx were in heavy rotation during the two Happy Hours. Also, Andy's appearance at Thursday's Happy Hour created a lot of excitement in the Hall.

Daniel Johnson and Dave Autzen provided help during Thursday's event and…


Added by Shane Tilton on August 3, 2015 at 10:30pm — 4 Comments

SDCC 2015 July 8-12th

I didn't get to do nearly as many demos as I would have liked this year due work with the games dept but I was able to try a couple of things with Andy which were amazing. I also got to get in some games with the late night people, we played Batman Fluxx and a few others and also Loonacy(which is a personal favorite). Overall I think things went well this year, the demo team was great and they stayed fairly busy throughout the con.

Added by Erik Wintz on July 27, 2015 at 4:00pm — No Comments

Game day at camp

 My kids are attending a camp this week and decided to bring Fluux for Game Day. I was helping today and able to help explain and supervise some games.   We played the CN version of Fluxx for about 45 minutes. We had a number of kids play with us that had never heard of Fluxx before ranging from 6-12.  We played open-handed to help introduce the kids to type and play of different cards.  There was good interest,  and a wee bit of confusion in how often things change. Overall the kids that…


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Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

A nice afternoon playing Cthulhu Fluxx and Star Fluxx and I'm ready for our nexts events / demos :

ANIMEX - July 17 (3-9 pm) - July 18 (10 am to 9 pm) - July 19 (10 am to 9 pm)
501 Fundidora Ave.
Obrera, 64010 
Monterrey, NL, México
FRIKIBAZAR - August 2 - 11 am to 8 pm
Caballeros de Colon hall

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San Diego Comic-Con 2015, Tournament

We had an awesome Fluxx Tournament at San Diego Comic Con. It last five rounds before we had a winner with three victories. The Pirate Fluxx round was particularly extra fun to watch as all the participants talked like pirates! 

Winner of Tournament with Andy Looney…


Added by Jessica Conley on July 9, 2015 at 2:00pm — No Comments

Baycon 2015

After pick up demos of Fluxx and Choose One on Saturday, we had a Fluxx tournament Sunday and a scheduled Choose One demo. Dealers hall sold out of Fluxx!,

Added by Adelheid "Heide" Nichols on May 25, 2015 at 3:16am — No Comments

Loonacy, Fluxx, Choose One at Brookhurst Hobbies, Garden Grove, CA Apr 11th

It was a very long and busy day and I am not sure how many games were run in total but ran people through a couple dozen games of Fluxx and then left them with various sets to play on their own. Fluxx 4th and 5th editions, Holiday Fluxx, Stoner Fluxx, Regular Show Fluxx, Cthulhu Fluxx, and Oz Fluxx among others. I also had the chance to teach Loonacy to several families which was very popular, I believe the store may have run out of copies of that one. A little later in the day when the…


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Gathering at The Guild House (Bellflower, CA)

There were a few minor hiccups at first, but I think things went pretty well after it was all straightened out.

As far as actual gaming went, my day opened with Fluxx. I showed one of the gathering attendees my nearly-complete Fluxx library,…


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Impromptu College Demo.

So I was at the cafe of my college yesterday with my newest addition, Family Fluxx. I had played it a few times and was doing my usual pre-first-game shuffling. One of the guys that comes in there a lot (not sure what his name was) asked me what I was playing and if I could teach him so I did. We ended up playing for about half an hour and then played Zombie Fluxx for about an hour. My favorite part was when he finally grasped the concept that creepers aren't always bad and he beat me with…


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Blue Ox International Tabletop Day

This is a little late but I went to Blue Ox (my FLGS) and demoed quite a few different versions of Fluxx. There were some newcomers that were interested after seeing some Fluxx promo cards in the gift bag that the store handed out. There were also a few previous players. Everyone seemed to like the Geek & Sundry tabletop day expansion. I think about 100 people were at the event and about 10-20 of them demoed Fluxx. I think my favorite part was when we would finish a game and some of the…


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Tabletop Day 2015 at DiceHouse Games (Fullerton, CA)

So... I showed up around 14:00 to find the store packed! Every table was occupied and had a game going, and nearly every seat was taken. Eventually, I was able to find a place to sit down with others who came in around the same time I did. We played Splendor, Just Desserts (which, unfortunately, wasn't available for sale yet in this store), and Run Fight or Die. I also sat and observed a game of Space Cadets. Overall, a fun day, especially since I managed to acquire a copy of the Tabletop…


Added by Alyssa Nguyen on April 11, 2015 at 8:00pm — 1 Comment

Lake Arrowhead Library Internatioal Tabletop Gaming Day

Choose One, Loonacy and Fluxx were a big hit at our first ever table top day at San Bernardino County Library Lake Arrowhead Branch, in Blue Jay, California. We had at least three Choose One Ganes, and three Loonacy with one demo and one full Fluxx game. This is a small branch and despite many other things happening, we had a total of 12 peple (6 kids and 6 adults) participating. It was fun, and we will certainly do it again next year! Neither of the two local FLGS (Mr. G's for Toys nor…


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