February 2011 Event Reports (12)

Mecca Anime 2-21-2011

A sort of last minute plan got a few of us together to play Pirate Fluxx. I also brought my pyramids to demo Martian Chess and Volcano.


Only 3 people total arrived. We played Pirate Fluxx 3 times. Even without 'Talk Like A Pirate' in play we all did it! And in case you were wondering, The Traitor makes a nice fit for the Pirate version.


Next we played Back to the Future. It was slow going 'cause none of us had played it in so long. Finally someone had the…


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This report actually covers three events. 1. A week ago Friday we had our second Family Fun Night at church. I taught our senior minister Caldera, and then later taught it to his eldest son. I also …

This report actually covers three events.

1. A week ago Friday we had our second Family Fun Night at church. I taught our senior minister Caldera, and then later taught it to his eldest son. I also taught his son Treehouse. He really enjoyed both and a couple days later told me that he had gone out and purchase a Xeno Treehouse set.

2. On Wednesday nights my wife and I work with the youth group at our church. On thing we have volunteered to do is to play some board / card… Continue

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Over the weekend I  attended Stratigecon in L.A. and did a few Looney Lab Demos/Events.

I taught a couple of people to play Volcano (including the guest Designer) and I taught Treehouse to a number of people as it was a quick game to play while they waited in between their planned events.


I ran…


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Pirate Fluxx

Had a small game night on Sunday night. We mostly played PC games but at the end of the evening I was able to teach a few new people how to play Pirate Fluxx. We have 7 in total and it was a lot of fun. The game lasted quite a while because people where holding onto the surprises and stopped someone from winning multiple times including myself.

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IceDice with my niece and nephew

I played IceDice with my niece and nephew, who are 4 and 6 years old, respectively.  They had no trouble at all learning the game, though my niece did have some difficulty matching the size die with the pyramid sizes.  Both kids had a roller coaster ride of fun with IceDice.  Their eyes glowed with the thrill of victory (getting to steal someone else's pyramid) and the agony of defeat (going bust when pushing for the Rainbow bonus).  My nephew even won the game (which I had to point out to…


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Pirate Fluxx Game #1


I took Pirate Fluxx to the games group tonight.  I played with four others - none of which had ever played Fluxx before.  Just like any other Fluxx it's simple to explain and just like all orther Fluxx you get the same comments from first time players:

 - Too many new rules.  We had eight new rules in play at one point.  General consensus from the first time players was that it was too hard to keep track of all the rules.  They suggested a limit of four on the number of new…


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ShekerCon at Meir Garden, Tel Aviv, Israel

ShekerCon is not a convention. Sheker means lie... It's kind of an improvised convention. Just meeting, playing, larping and stuff like that. I just got pirate fluxx a few days earlier so I decided to use my method of looking for players - Just sitting there, shuffling the card. Sure enough, people were curious about the game and we got enough players.

The first game with my new shiny Pirate fluxx was with 3 people new to fluxx and one experienced fluxx player. I thought I was gonna…


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Brzeg (Poland) Games Festival

I spent last weekend at a game festival in Brzeg (Poland). After a couple eurogames in a 6-person group, 3 of the players went for lunch, so I pulled out my pyramids and taught the remaining 2 Branches and Twigs and Thorns as a quick filler, and they enjoyed it enough that we played 3 times. I then taught them Icetowers, and again we played 3 times.


Later in the day, I had a request from 2 other guys for Zendo (one had played…


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Friend Game Night

I taught Pirate Fluxx at the small game get together at my house (Feb 12).

I taught 2 young girls, but I spent too much time explaining things. These girls have played regular Fluxx before. Then I played a few games of Pirate Fluxx with some of the adults. I taught it to 5 adults. Two didn't enjoy it, but they were here to play Settlers. (I played a 3 person game with the first 2 people, then later played two games with the 3 other people)

My boys and I played it at Church the…


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Family Fun Night at church

We had a family fun night at our church last night. We took a bunch of games. I introduced our youth minister to Looney Pyramids and taught him Tree House. I also taught several people Zendo and one person Monty Python Fluxx. Had a good time. We're going to be doing a couple more Family Fun Nights and I'll probably do some more Looney Labs games.

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Focus Group testing at Labyrinth Game Store

Andy and I spent 3 hours today hanging out on Capitol Hill in Washington DC at a wonderful little game store called Labyrinth Games & Puzzles. The rules sheets for our new pyramid game, IceDice, and the rules sheet to the bonus game, Launchpad-23, both go to the printer on Monday...  and we wanted to get in one more…


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Troop Game Night

Just got back from a Troop meeting. After the formal business was complete we broke out Pirate Fluxx (which my boys and I have been practicing with since it arrived yesterday). Those who have played Fluxx before huddled around those who were close enough to get in the first game. As the group played and laughed more gathered. With each round the losers were replaced and as new cards were discovered the boys began to plot how they would use it - especially the Surprise cards.  Once the…


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