March 2012 Event Reports (9)

Introducing Star Fluxx

I am the adviser for my schools Youth in Government program and went with the to the Tennessee YMCA Youth in Government Conference March 22-25. On Saturday evening there was a dance; and students who don't want to dance can play games. I brought my Fluxx games and introduced Star Fluxx and Oz Fluxx to some of the students. One of the students had played Fluxx games before, but the others had not. These students enjoyed the games. The photo was taken just before beginning to play Star Fluxx…


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Pancakes, Waffles, and Crepes Oh My - Another iHop Demo Night

Another iHop Demo Night we had a larger turn out then we did at our previous iHop Demo Night..... about 10 more than the previous Demo Night out of all those who came 15 brought a copy of Fluxx! My fiancé and I were extremely happy about it because no one who came owned a copy.....

We demoed, OZ Fluxx which was a huge hit! :-D wish i had more than one demo copy.... so what we did was have an ICE Dice Tourney and the winner got a Trio that had been sanded inside and out then…


Added by Shane Murdock on March 29, 2012 at 2:10pm — 2 Comments

A Little Aquarius

I've been using Aquarius in my classroom for a while now and all of the children seem to like it.  Perhaps because they are not native English speakers, they enjoy playing Aquarius very much.

On Tuesday, I finally found the time to introduce the game to my youngest class. This class is all pre-school age children, they will be starting 1st grad this comming fall.  I had brought the box to my classroom earlier and the children had been asking about it.  As I pulled out the box and sat…


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An Event of any size...

Well, the early part of the day today was a bit of a disappointment.   I went to four stores in my area, Casablanca Comics in Portland, ME.,  Game Geeks in South Portland, ME., Go! Puzzles Games and Toys in So. Portland, and Game Box in Topsham, ME.  I gave out some Promo cards at each, and asked if any of them had plans for an event tonight or over the weekend.  Not one of them had even ordered OZ Fluxx yet, and one had not heard of it, though they carry other Fluxx games.  BUT!  I was able…


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Oz Fluxx Preview Huntsville, AL

Saturday I meet several players for an afternoon of gaming at The DeeP in Huntsville, AL.  While there, the store received their demo copy of Oz Fluxx.  Since I was there, the store manager opened up the game for store play.  I ran several games of Oz Fluxx, which were enjoyed by all.  While all the players were familiar with the original Fluxx, none had played with the surprise cards.  Oz Fluxx was enjoyed by all, and will played again.  Two people pre-ordered the game.

Added by Dawn DeBacker on March 18, 2012 at 11:30pm — 2 Comments

Game night at Blue Planet Coffee

Had my first formal game night with strangers and people new to Fluxx.  Had a couple great Oz games, where I gave a promo postcard to anyone who sang for that card during a game.  played one Monty Python game.

Tried very hard to get a game of Are you a Werewolf going, but just couldn't get enough people interested in trying it. (mainly because we spent too much time on the last Monty Python game.... lasted forever!)  Hope to get to it next time, as its one of my…


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Oz Fluxx

Oz Fluxx is awesome. Another fun theme. Creepers and Surprise cards have proven themselves again, adding a layer of  strategy. Everyone had fun. Playing with everyone I can, both new and old, on the yellow brick road. The more that discover the wonderful world of Looney, the better.

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First Oz Fluxx game

Not much of an event, just me and a few friends. (only one who has played Fluxx before)

Every one had a lot of fun. Even though the same girl won every Oz game we payed.  (mind you. this is the same one who diddnt want to play fluxx because it sounded too confusing)

We also played 2 games of Zombie Fluxx (that I doctored up with a flame thrower pack and a few other cards)

1st game - Zombie Victory

2nd game - I won!... But someone else had the…


Added by Mike Artino on March 12, 2012 at 12:23am — 3 Comments

Oz Fluxx

I just got my Oz Fluxx in the mail this afternoon and had an impromptu demo of all the friends I could get over here. Most have played Fluxx before and everyone agreed that it was lots of fun! They can hardly wait to get their hands on it towards the end of the month when it hits stores. 

I love the art from the guest artist. I love the Oz themed rules. I've already scheduled a demo for this coming Thursday to show it off to everyone.

Added by Brianne Galgano on March 9, 2012 at 8:58pm — 1 Comment


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