March 2013 Event Reports (9)

Starship Captain Training @ Who's Yer Con

I will make this one post even though it was 3 sessions. Note to year, plan more time and and allow time for set up and take down. Between sessions I had people waiting for the last to end and me to set up the next.

The event was quite popular and mostly filled with people who had never played or had only just got their first 'Mids.

I have to say running this was a bit overwhelming as a new Game Tech and only having taught my kids and close friends. As people picked…


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Are You a Werewolf? @ Who's Yer Con

As I had mentioned in a previous post, people love Are You a Werewolf?. This group was no exception. Preregistration slots filled up fast, and we had people show up and wait for slots to open at the table for a chance to play. Bart Janssens showing up to moderate with his new Deluxe version of the game made the evening even more fun! After several rounds of fun (well past our allotted time) we broke for the night. There were a few AYaW games that went on throught the weekend in openplay…


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Cthulhu Fluxx! @ Who's Yer Con

Cthulhu was once mentioned in Kovalic's Dork Tower, add cthulhu to anything and it will sell. This was the most asked about Fluxx game all weekend and popular with all who played. I gave away two copies over the weekend.

Other than this game was preregistered to the limit before the con, there is not much more to say besides "YOU ARE DOOMED! CTHULHU WINS! MWUHAHAHAHAHAHA!

I will have to do more tables next year.…


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Fluxx! 4.0 @ Who's Yer Con

Well better late than never. I caught up with things at work so it's time to report events from WhosYerCon.

Fluxx was a big hit and we even did some impromptu pick up games throughout the weekend. The 4.0 sessions had a total of 9 players(one showed up late), so we did two groups. Only two players were experienced so I put one in each group (thanks guys!) Everyone picked up the game really fast and seemed to enjoy it, as all played several hands. I did a random die roll and…


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Whosyercon 2013

  1. I ran two 2-hour sessions of Zendo and one 1-hour session of general pyramid games at Whosyercon in Indianapolis on the weekend of March 15. All went well. Game tech Bart Janssens joined me for all of the games. We taught several new players Zendo. The general pyramid session ended up mainly Zendo but we also played some Ice Towers. Between scheduled games I also taught someone Martian Chess and Pharaoh.

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Gamestorm 2013 - Portland, OR

This year's Gamestorm (a 4-day-con) saw Fluxx hit the beach running. My wife (the game tech who shall never post for herself) ran four sessions 2-hours each. Each started with a different version of Fluxx but once that game was done a new one was started - with the players choosing the version. Our sessions were named:

Monty Python FLUX Madness

Zombie Horde of the FLUXX

Fluxx Madness of the Cthulhu

The Star FLUX capacitor

Every session was well…


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"Fluxx the Chairman" at MidSouthCon 31

At MidSouthCon 31, I ran a game of Fluxx called "Fluxx the Chairman". As I am the chairman of MidSouthCon, I ran an open Fluxx game, inviting anyone to play. I had a great mix of old hands and new people and it was a great event. We started out with basic Fluxx for the new people, explaining the rules as we went. It was a fairly typical game until one of the new players played a rotate hands. She put out Play All, not realizing that meant she had to play Milk and Cookies - and since I had Milk… Continue

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Who'sYerCon 2013

This years Con was a great success! We hosted almost 1100 people this year and have once again outgrown our venue!

This was my first year running events for Looney Labs and I have to say they were a great hit. Fellow Game Tech Mike Cowper ran a basic Pyramid event as well as some Zendo games. I ran Cadet training, which was extremely busy, as well as Fluxx games (also a hit). The Looney Lounge I had was ok, but I will detail that in another post. Lastly, I had scheduled to run Are You…


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Looney Labs & Icehouse Academy at NonCon 13

For the 13th year, I, along with Nene and David Joslyn have hosted Looney Labs events at NonCon, held every year at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, NY.

This year we did something different.While Nene demoed various Fluxx games, with Cthulhu Fluxx becoming an instant hit, David demoed pyramid games.

The most anticipated event every year is, and most likely will be for the foreseeable future, Are You A Werewolf? was, as usual, a huge smash…


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