April 2011 Event Reports (10)

Kawaii Kon 04/30/11, NANOFICTIONARY GAME

I almost forgot to post this! In fact, it's been so long that the deets are getting sketchy.


I had previously asked for a bunch of Nanoblanks for a contest that my friend had inquired about. Basically,  a good friend runs the Kon and wanted to do a late-night match up between two local geek podcasts. He wanted to play a game between them on-stage, like a panel, and thought Nanofictionary would fit the bill.


Using the blanks, he took them to the Artist's Alley…


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Easter Pyramids: Spontaneous Ice Dice Demo

I was invited over to a friend's house for Easter and I demoed for them Ice Dice! They loved it! We played several games of it, to the point that they became REALLY competitive. :-)


Tried to play Launchpad 23, but didn't quite grasp the rules enough to explain it, so we just played more Ice Dice

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Pirate Fluxx Demo at The Last Level

The demo went off fantastic! I had 7 players total who came over, and considering how slow the store was at that point I had a great turnout! :-) I managed to sucessfully teach a 6 year old Pirate Fluxx... and he WON. Consistently. At least I know there is one more Looney Labs addict in the world now... :-D I also got to… Continue

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Pirate Fluxx at Golden Eagle Comics

One of my friends called me to ask about going to board game night at Golden Eagle... So of course I grabbed my brand-new Pirate Fluxx Kit (literally only got it YESTERDAY!!! :-D)! I was able to get 3 games off during the 2.5 hours I was there, and I talked to the manager of the store into letting me come back later on… Continue

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Looney Labs Game Night at Collectors Corner MD

I held a small game night at my comic/game store to demo Pyramid games. I brought a friend so we could play in front of the other customers to bring up some interest. People from a range of ages came over  to play, and I even gave away all of my Looney Pyramid overview books! If there's anyone local who wants to join, I'll probably be doing this every Wednesday starting at 6PM.

The owner invited me to have a table at his Free Comic Book Day event, where he thinks I'll reach the widest…


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MepaCon Spring 2011 4/8/11

I ran "Are You a Werewolf" like I usually do. It went well, only one game got off, but there was a lot of contention amongst the players. All in all, a great time!

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Weekly Game Night

I had another Fluxx themed game night. We played all manor of Fluxx from 3.1 and after. The big hit of the night was definitely Pirate Fluxx though!


We set it up with all the non deck specific promo cards where set aside at the beginning of each game and we would go around the table picking a couple promo cards to add into each deck. The boardgamegeek.com expansion was added without fail every time though :-D. The one time that board game came up and someone won we ended up…


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Pirate Fluxx & IceDice

Enough time has passed since I received my demo copy of Pirate Fluxx that I feel I can now give it a fully covered review and event report.

My roommates are all Fluxx veterans, with Kari’s favorite being Monty Python Fluxx, William and Desire’s choice is Zombie Fluxx, and my pick Martian Fluxx. That said, the Fluxx deck we play most often as a group is probably the one released under FBI. It gets a lot of “garage time”. :)

 Within ten minutes of finding Pirate Fluxx waiting in…


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Mecca: March 29th

Only 2 of us showed up this week. So I broke out the pyramids!

I taught the other guy Treehouse, Martian Chess, Pharoah, and IceDice. i explained how the games are played differently with more players. Several other gamers saw the pyramids and asked many questions. Hopefully next time more will be willing to try 'em out.

Jason (the otehr guy) beat me at IceDice once (I won twice), marking the first time I ever lost. Admittedly, I've only played about a dozen games of it.… Continue

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Gamestorm13 Pirate Fluxx Demos!!

Gamestorm 13 Pirate Fluxx Demos were hit with attendees.

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