May 2011 Event Reports (14)

GameX convention L.A. 2011

I've returned from 4 days of gaming in Los Angeles, Ca. I did 8+ hours of running Looney Lab Games. Pirate Fluxx was a hit, as always. I did a few sessions of Pyramid games. Kids loves thin Ice! One girl loved it so much she kept coming to play Thin Ice (and Zendo) over and over (I think her mom got a bit tired of it) and had her parents but a set of pyramids in the dealer's room. The dealers were low on Treehouse, but had a set of Pinks.  I teach Thin Ice differently than it describes in…


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Visit to our college-grad daughter

Last weekend we went to SVU to see their production of "Man of La Mancha".  We slept over at the apartment of our just-graduated daughter and her husband, and the next day we played several games with them:


Dixit.  Fun game; a graduation present which I thought of after seeing her senior art show. I got our autistic middle daughter to play with us, after which she bowed out.  Oldest daughter won.

IceDice.  I only had 3 Treehouse…


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Wings and Seven Dragons

I got together with a few of my friends for AYCE wings at a local restaurant and played a few FANTASTIC games of Seven Dragons. I really need to work on my strategy more, as I've lost every single game I've played. LOL At least I know I'm teaching it well!… Continue

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Seven Dragons and Pirate Fluxx Demo at 1Up Collectables

Just demoed Seven Dragons for the first time! My players and I LOVED the graphics! The game play was easy to teach and fun to play, and the action cards really make the game very strategic. I definitely made a few new addicts to Seven Dragons and Looney Labs in general! We also played a good few rounds…


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AnCon and Seven Dragons!



We had a great Looney Lab Mini Experment at AnCon!  Demoed Seven Dragons so may times I lost count! Had 50 people with Test subject badges! Fluxx Tourny with Uber Fluxx Finals was a great sucess!  And the new Loony labs Olympic work great.  I will be posting some picturs soon!!


Thanks to everyone who came done to AnCon


Andrew Burkett

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Pirate Fluxx report for Kawaii Kon (Honolulu, HI) - 04/29/11 to 05/01/11

Here in Hawai'i, we have no gaming conventions... just a few Games Days put on by an FLGS and one huge (relatively) Anime con.


Kawaii Kon sees attendance of 5000+ and boasts it's own tabletop game room, of which I'm the demo guy for. The store that I work with (Other Realms) carries most variations of Fluxx (sans Stoner), and Pirate Fluxx was no exception. I had 2 tables during the con specifically set up for Fluxx and Looney Labs demos, and the most popular games were Zombie…


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arrrgh me Gold!

I've made 20 to 30 fans of Pirate Fluxx by teaching it at different parties with my local gaming group in Louisville, KY. More than half of the people who played it were already Fluxx fans. The pirate genre was big hit! Favorites included the "talk like a pirate" card, the captain's hat, and the cut throat nature of the "Suprise" cards. More keepers make for greedy pirates! arrrgh me Gold!

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Free Comic Book Day at Collectors Corner MD

This last Saturday was Free Comic Book Day and my local comic shop had a big party to celebrate. I got a table in the gaming area where I demo'd Looney games. I mostly showed off Back To The Future and Pirate Fluxx, but the Pyramids and other Fluxxes got some table time. The best thing about that day was that the kids who left to check out other gaming tables invariably came back to my table for more fun! Sorry Magic and YuGiOh, Andy Looney is the king of games.

In the end, I had…


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Priate Fluxx Demos

I have ran a few demos at Some Kick off events for AnCon.  Will also be running Lots of Looney lab Games at AnCon in 3 weeks!!!!!

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Pirate Fluxx at NonCon event report

I apologize for the lateness, but to be totally honest, I completely forgot about it.


We did several demos of Pirate Fluxx at NonCon XI and it was a HUGE hit. We had every flavor of Fluxx available to play and nobody wanted to play any of them (except 1 time Monty Python and 1 time Martian).


Pirate Fluxx had a huge replayability and all of the promo cards save 3 (1 was put into the deck) were given out.

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Ahoy Mates!

I hosted two official Pirate Fluxx demo events, and quite a few individual Piratical Encounters!


The first event was at my home a few days after my Pirate Fluxx Demo Kit arrived.   After dinner we pulled out Pirate Fluxx and began to play!  My honorary nephew loved the game most of all.   He'd been occasionally slipping into Pirate Accent prior to the game but once he spotted the "Talk Like A Pirate" card and the bonus if you kept the accent going he Never Stopped Talking…


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I like the monkey.

I've taken Pirate Fluxx to my gaming groups in Green Bay and to Fire and Ice at the end of February in Manitowoc, WI. I was able to get a few more people interested at all of these places. When I visited family the other month, I introduced some old friends to Pirate Fluxx and now they're hooked, too. It's still going with me every time I game and I'm getting the word out as much as possible. I'm hoping to share it with more people by organizing an event with my local game store for 7D and Ice… Continue

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Pirates at the ready

Have been running at local game stores game nights first weekend 10 people. always have on hand to show at the store when needed.

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Scouting and Fluxx

While I won't be able to participate in the 7 Dragons launch, I did want to follow up to say that the events  went great. I've already reported on the first night of playing.

At one point in the Feb event, there were 5 playing and about 10 watching with people rotating in and out for over 2 hours.  There were cheers as the captain's hat was passed around. I gave out all my cards in Feb but held back 5 for the April event.

In March, my sons took over running the games and had…


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