May 2012 Event Reports (6)


Turns out that 'Draw 5' is my nemesis. Allowed my 5 year old to win on turn three in Star Fluxx. I had the ray gun and draw 5 out, he played 'Play All' and had the goal and keepers that allowed him to;

 Play the Android Doctor and cure the Brain Parasites on the red shirt crewman. Allow the 'Doc to become infected by the machine virus. Then play the Teleporter to send the 'Doc and virus to me. Next he played the monolith, crystals, and companion goal.

 Turn three defeat by a…


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Fluxx while in Jury Duty - We find the game Guilty of being a pleasure.

Having a recent experience to serve on a jury for a trial it was clear to me after day one of selections and the waiting we performed in the Jury room , while not invited to listen in the court room... that more stimulation was required.

So on day 2 my pockets were equipped with Oz Fluxx and a mind to expand the fellow inductees of jury service on something fun...    

The feelings were mixed some of the older people in the room shy'd away from trying the game (more on that in a…


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BTtF Throwdown!

I have the pleasure of being about 60m away from a fine cafe and I took a friend, and my BttF cards down to have a cuppa and some fun. We ended up roping two more people into the game, one of whom was the barista!


Fun times were had, coffee was consumed. 

Added by Minstrel Cottini on May 19, 2012 at 11:32pm — No Comments

Pirates at McDonald's During Lunch

Last week son, and playing/demo partner, and I were eating a Mickey-Dees wasting time before picking up my wife from work.  When we sat at the only location to get electricity (needed to charge my phone as well), we sat next a group of guys who were running power from the booth that we sat in (they also needed power, a lot of it.)  They had three tables full of laptops, desktops, monitors, and other gadgets.  When we sat down, I mentioned for my son to get the Pirate Fluxx deck ready while I…


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Graduation Bash Turned into a Fluxx Lesson

Last Saturday, my family threw an all-day graduation bash for my young cousin who graduated from Law School at only 24 years of age.  In fact she was the person who introduced my family to Pirate Fluxx this past December.  Well, this time I was prepared for her, and had a few goodies to show off.  Once there I informed her that since my last visit with her, I bought my own Pirate Fluxx deck, added more cards and modified it, joined the Looney Labs fan club and the Demo Team, and also had the…


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More games!

'This past Thursday I had an excellent evening of gaming at Dirigo Hobbies in Yarmouth, Maine! While waiting for the MTG players to gather, I broke out StarFluxx and Oz Fluxx, and we had time to play a game of each. Lots of fun, and I gave a promo postcard for Oz Fluxx to each of the winners! Quetions were asked and answered, and I was told I'd be welcome back to play again. This may become a regular weekly game.  Next, to slip in some pyramid games. I'll earn that Pink Hijinks yet!  (If…


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