June 2011 Event Reports (5)

Mecca, June 14th

I've been a bit lax with these reports, as we've played almost every week for the last couple of months! But sometimes non-LL games take up the whole evening...


Last week we had 2 new guys (Mike and Phil) join us (Dave & Jason) so we taught them Fluxx. Specifically, Pirate, Zombie, and Monty Python. Mike won 2 of the 3 games! Phil had to leave, so we taught Mike Chrononauts. He won that too!


This week we had 5(!) of us-the other Dave was back so we did a 5…


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Event Title: UK Games Expo 2011

Venue: The Clarendon Suites (sharing a building with a Masonic Lodge - scary!), Birmingham, UK

Dates: 4th-5th June 2011


This convention is somewhat different to the usual UK gaming convention, in that it is definitely an exhibition rather than an informal gathering. Since the crowds and staff are friendly, this isn't apparent except on the organisational level. Traders sell product. Some demonstrate items which they sell. Some companies attend and both demo and sell…


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Pirate Fluxx at Conception, Highcliffe-on-Sea, UK, January 27th-30th 2011

-- "Too cold to be walkin' th' plank!"


This is a convention which welcomes Looney games, and always has a table set aside for the demo team. But they had no idea of the sheer madness that they had invited into their midst this year. I'll ask the Pirate Queen to cover what happened:


"Aye, wench, an' thanks fer th' introduction. Limp as a dead fish it was. Well, as soon as table be set wi' cards, th' landlubbers be linin' up t'lose their dignity an' breakfast on high…


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Middle School Kids Game Day

My friend teaches at a middle school. She asked me to come teach games to her students today. It was a 1.5 hour class.  She had them split up into  groups of 5 kids. We had a ECOFLUXX table, 2 tables of TREEHOUSE, A table of SET and a table playing STOMPLE.


I tried Zendo, but the teacher wanted to switch the kids every 20 minutes- so that didn't work.  My 14 & 17 yr old sons came to help teach and the teacher knew Fluxx & Set already.  I had to hop from table to table…


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Seven Dragons

Over the Memorial Day weekend I was able to demo Seven Dragons to several different groups.  I've now been able to play about 10 games with anywhere from 2 to 5 players.  Just about every time I introduce the game to a new person they want to play at least twice.  I have noticed that the demo cards for shuffle hands tend to stick and this has been a little bit of a problem.  I'm also considering adding some house rules: if you forget to draw a card at the beginning of your turn then you…


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