July 2011 Event Reports (7)

Seven Dragons at Collectors Corner MD

I haven't made any event reports for the numerous Game Nights at Collectors Corner MD, so I suppose I'll make one big collection of my remarks in playing this game with folks.

My friends all agree that this is a good game for a big table. (We like to go to fancy restaurants and play while we wait for our food. I love the looks on the faces of the staff and the other patrons.)

Kids take to the game a little faster than adults, but adults do pretty well when I call it "a…


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Seven Dragons Supplemental

I demo'd Seven Dragons at a friend's house last week. A couple who knew I bring my Looney Games everywhere asked to play Fluxx. I said I had an even better idea: Seven Dragons! It took a minute for everyone to get into it fullswing, as a few of us were a little tipsy. (It was an over-21 gathering.) By the end of the first game it had been decided that this was the game of the night. Surprising since at first everyone was requesting Fluxx! I gave a set of three promos to the couple that…


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Seven Dragons Demoes

I'm late on this.  I thought I posted it shortly after getting 7Dragons, but I didn't so now I am.


When Seven Dragons arrived, I basically carried it around fFor at least a month, mostly in my purse.  I don't usually carry many games like that because the deck of cards takes a beating, but everyone I showed it to liked it immediately (and I have since bought another deck).

I took it to my Wednesday evening group, which is mostly Eurogamers and stodgy older guys.  The…


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Seven Dragons. A big hit!

Of all the games I've turned people on to this year, Seven Dragons has had the most positive feed back. I was able to give away a whole pack of "shuffle hands" promo cards to friends, family in from California, and two local gaming groups, (including Gamers of the Apocalypse in Louisville, KY) prior to Origins. It was good to see the Looney Labs crew at Origins. Everyone was very friendly. Your area at the convention is always a lot of fun. I look forward to promoting Star Fluxx and whatever…


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Seven Dragons & Ice Dice Demos

On July 10, I demoed seven dragons & Ice Dice at a lil comic/game shop in greenfield Indiana called, hometown comics, I was extremely impressed of how many people were interested in seven dragons, I had people actually lining up to play it after they finished with there MtG games! Over all everyone enjoyed it as well as ice dice what really surprised me was this group of players had never heard of any of the games from looney labs! So as of now on Monday's I will be demoing looney labs… Continue

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Seven Dragons at MENSA AG

I introduced Seven Dragons to a number of people at the 2011 MENSA Annual Gathering in Portland last week. Some of them were familiar with Fluxx games, but none of them had played Aquarius. They enjoyed the play and were very impressed with the artwork.

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Big Experiment #12 - Origins 2011

The Big Experiment #12 was another smashing success!  

It's already 2 weeks behind us, and we have not managed to write up an event report - so I'm starting this page, with this one picture of our beautiful gaming space!  …


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