July 2013 Event Reports (9)

Fluxx: The Board Game at the Boy Scouts of America 2013 National Jamboree

On Saturday afternoon, July 20th at the National Boy Scout Jamboree at the Bechtel Summit Reserve in West Virginia, scouts and leaders came to our area gathering tent to learn how to play Fluxx: The Board Game. Many of them were already familiar with Fluxx - some were even collectors - and others had never played before. I also had regular Fluxx, Fluxx 3, Eco Fluxx and Spanish Fluxx (thanks to the Bag of Warehouse Swag) for people to pass the time until their turn at the board game. (Some…


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Post Comicon

Had a great time at Comicon International in San Deigo CA. on july 17- 21. Had such an amazing time playing and demoing games. Fluxx the board game was a stand alone hit. Literally left it on a table while I went to put some stuff down and some people picked it up and started going over the rules. I asked if they wanted a demo and they said "no thanks we want to learn it on our own." The whole weekend went that way. THe game room supplied other versions of fluxx but they did post the posters…


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Fluxx The Board Game Demo at Alterniverse

Quality verses Quantity. What's your view?

I've always believed in quality over quantity which is a good thing as I would have given up doing demos at Alterniverse a long time ago. If' it's not Magic:  The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh! or Pokemon, expect a low-to-zero turn out.

This has always been fine with me. I prefer a small group over a large one as I can devote more attention to each participant.

Such was the case this past weekend. Despite all of the…


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Fluxx: The Board Game at the Groton Public Library Strategy Club

This was the first of three events I'll be running over the next few weeks with Fluxx: The Board Game.  The Strategy Club members played with two and four players, and everyone had a good time, although we decided that if you're playing two player, you really need to start with being able to move the board pieces, because we ran through and got 11 goals a piece in about 13 moves.   With four, we had a much better balance and a longer game.

I also broke out the EcoFluxx that…


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Chronoauts with my 6-year-old son

My son, 6, is attending a summer day camp where some of the older kids play Chrononauts during lunch. After watching for a few days, he finally played the Artifaxx variant with them last week. That afternoon, he came home saying, "I played the coolest game ever! It's called Chrononauts! Can we get it?"

We picked it up and played our first games together today. It was a hit. I had previously gotten Aquarius and Family Fluxx, and he liked Fluxx, but said that Chrononauts is way…


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St. Peter's UCC Community Game Night

My copy of Fluxx, The Board Game arrived just in time to take to the local Community Game Night.  Several attendees were familiar with Fuxx as a card game and wanted to find out about the board game.  It was a big hit with everyone that tried it out and several others were asking questions about it's availability.  I directed them our FLGS, Comic Quest, and suggested they request a copy.  A comment I heard a couple of times was that the board game give the players a chance to set up a…


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Fluxx: The Board Game at Game Paradise

In my first demos of Fluxx: The Board Game at Game Paradise on Sunday, July 14, I demonstrated it to six other people, three of whom had never seen any form of Fluxx before.  The ones who were familiar with Fluxx thought that this form was more interesting than the usual card game.

I came up with a technique for demonstrating the peg boards while explaining the rules:

"At the start of your turn, you will draw," peg, "1 card."

"For each move, you have the option…


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Monty Python Fluxx at CONvergence 2013

This year the theme for CONvergence 2013 was "British Invasion", so one of the gaming organizers decided to schedule a Monty Python Fluxx session. I volunteered to run it. 

We had a fantastic time, we played two games of MP Fluxx and one game of Zombie Fluxx. Some 8-10 total players as they rotated in and out.  Lot's of fun.  


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Anime Expo

Had a great 4th of July at Anime Expo in Los Angeles. Ran many different demos but fluxx always drew a crowd. Ran an impromptu demo for a guy while we waited for our food at a food truck outside the convention center. Super busy didnt get half the pics i was hoping for but heres a few.…


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