July 2014 Event Reports (8)

Regular Show Fluxx Demo at Ettin Games

I am doing a Regular Show Fluxx Demo at Ettin Games (Humble, TX) Saturday, August 2nd from 2pm. - 5pm.

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Fluxx Demos at Paradise Games

Got in contact with a local game store, called Paradise Games, to see about running a few demos for Fluxx for them one night. They hadn't heard of the game, at the time, but were okay with letting me run the event.

The downside? Between the weather being a rainy/thundery mess all day, and the timing/scheduling (people showing up late, another popular game's tournament being scheduled 1.5 hours later), not as many people showed up as I had hoped. The store had ~20 people total…


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SDCC 2014 July 24-28

I had not initially planned on doing as many demos as I ended up doing but plans rarely hold out and I found myself helping Kristin Looney with demos so she could take some munch needed breaks. Over the course of the con I ran through quite a few demos with the new Regular Show Fluxx and Loonacy. I also got to demo out Choose One, Fluxx the Board Game and most of the other Fluxx sets. Regular Show and Loonacy were big hits with the families that came up to the game room There wasn't really a…


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Network Gaming Executives at OSUIT in Okmulgee

We just finished up our first demo of the Regular Show Fluxx at our LAN Party.  We put on LAN parties for the students at the Institute 1 to 2 times a month.  The LAN Party itself had about 30 participants.  We are in the summer term so attendance is lower than normal.  About a third of them actually played the game while almost all of came by to see what it was about.  Many were already familiar with Fluxx from previous LAN Parties where we have played many variations of Fluxx.  Few of…


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Fluxx night (private demo)

I spent the week this week "babysitting" my niece(17) and nephew(13) with my wife while their parents were out of town. I took a collection of games over with me including Zombie, Pirate, and Cthulhu Fluxx with the intention of teaching the kids how to play some games and getting them interested in the hobby by showing them there was more to board games and card games than "Go Fish" and Monopoly out there. The four of us sat down for the night and I broke out Fluxx to get everyone started…


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Learn to play at the Lexington Library (2014)

Learn to Play at the Lexington Library (July 19, 2014) went well, this was the event’s first year. This was a event put on by No Ordinary Gamers, we had Steve Jackson Games, Atlas Games, Looney Labs Games and many others to demo to the Children of Lexington. As with all our events we create a Facebook Event and start inviting everyone, we then get poster put up and have the Venue host promote the event from their end of…


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Fluxx for one. Or maybe more. (July 18th at a Sheetz)

What was initially just me introducing and teaching the game to a friend, in anticipation of an actually planned demo event later this month, became a rather impromptu demo event itself.

It was a local service station chain (Sheetz, for those familiar). We got our food, sat at one of the tables, and out came the normal Fluxx 4.0. This attracted a few glances and, then, outright watchers. I passed up a few opportunities to win the game, instead drawing out the randomness of the…


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First demo of Regular Show Fluxx

At the end of a day of games of assorted levels of weight, I brought out the Regular Show Fluxx that had arrived that day.  Everyone was familiar with Fluxx, but no one (not even me) had seen many episodes of that cartoon, so several of the individual cards were mystifying.  A couple of the players were somewhat familiar because they have kids who watch it.

After the actual game was over, we looked through the rest of the cards to see what they were.  No one understood things like…


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