August 2011 Event Reports (8)

Leaky Con 7 Dragons and Pirate Fluxx

Unfotunately this year at Leakycon they did not provide us with tables in the common room. We did manage to get a few games going and those who did play did enjoy it. They did not enjoy sitting on the floor though. 


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Seven Dragons

I posted a report as a reply to my event plans, but here it is again. 

I've been demoing seven dragons at VAGUE, the games society, and handing out the promos to people who play with me. Most of the people I played with got their own copies, and one person, Ellen, took her copy to Poland to play with her boyfriend's relatives. She liked the preschooler rules. VAGUE loved the geek cred of the game, as we realised that Larry Elmore illustrated the first D and D book.  I also took the…


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Pirate Fluxx

I put my demo copy to work on promoting the game in two places. First, I am a member of a gaming group at my job. This group includes two game designers and a large group of gaming fanatics. We have a scheduled game day every Wednesday with rotating players and also we have random pick up games throughout the week. Pirate Fluxx has made it to the table on several occasions and great enjoyment has been had by all.


Second I demo games at two local stores in the area and Pirate…


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7 Dragons and Ice Dice

I've been taking 7 Dragons and Ice Dice with me to my gaming groups and they're going over well as fillers between the usual hours-long strategy board games we play. 7 Dragons is by far the bigger hit, especially as players try to figure out which goal each person is working on and then play trade or rotate goal cards just in time to steal the win. [sigh] I'm usually on the losing side of these moves. :-/ Also helpful to them is playing an action card which changes the color of the silver…


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GenCon 2011

Howdy all,


Here my report from Gencon 2011.


Wednesday night starting things off with a sell out of 150 tickets for Are You A Werewolf.  We were in Union Station with a decent size area.  We had over 8 villages going at once this night and fun was had by all.  We ended the night with a 30 person village with 4 wolves lurking.


The area provided was good, however with the foam "war games" going on near us, it was difficult to exit the room for…


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Camping with Pyramids

I went on several camping trips at the end of Summer; each time I brought along my Looney Pyramids kit.  While relaxing with friends, I was able to take the time to play many games of Zendo.  It was a cool game to play in a public place, as other people would stop by and ask what we were doing.  Most of them would be sucked in by the intriguing game, and would join the play.  We also had time to explore a few new pyramid games, and I was able to beta test a new pyramid game of my own design.

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Two new Fluxx Players

We had a couple of guys in the store last weekend playing some point when they finished a game, we invited them to play Fluxx 4.0 with us.  They loved it! We told them about all the other Fluxx versions out there.   We played right up until the minute they had to leave, I expect they'll buy a copy of their own soon.

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Games Day at Other Realms (7 Dragons Demo) - 08/20/11

This event happens quarterly, and the next one is coming up in November.


Not nearly as big as Kawaii Kon, Games Day tends to draw people that play Warhammer Fantasy and 40k. I always manage to get a few tables going in order to run demos, and some friends to come down to fill in slots when there are only a few people to game.


Throughout the day, only about a dozen people stopped by, and mainly for Fluxx and it's variants. I did do a couple of 7 Dragons demos,…


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