August 2013 Event Reports (8)

Fluxx TBG at our monthly Game Day - August 24

My husband and I have a once-a-month gaming group we meet up with.  We're always looking for quick, 'light' games that we can play in between the 2 and 3 hour behemoths that we only ever get to bust out at these sessions, just to refresh the mental palate and kill some time before the pizza arrives. 

After the first game ended I laid out the board and added a set of pennies and a set of quarters to accommodate the extra 2 players (our usual method of extending a game).  I noticed…


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Fluxx TBG at TWS Hobby Center - August 11th

My second demo outing was at TWS Hobby Center.  This business has had an internet presence for quite some time, but they opened a store front in late July (and I'm already spending way too much time there).  Foot traffic was light, but it was a gorgeous Sunday afternoon so I think we also lost out to the beaches.  By the end of the session we had 6 people total. 

First was a woman and her son (about 11).  She had heard about the demo and wanted her son, a Minecraft fan, to become more…


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Fluxx TBG at Game Master Games - August 7th

Game Master Games is the first place I brought Fluxx TBG, since our convention staff had already been screening Doctor Who at the owner's (totally awesome game-themed) restaurant.  About a dozen people came out (which wasn't bad for a Wednesday evening).  The group had tremendously varying experience levels ranging from avid gamers already familiar with Fluxx to people who weren't gamers at all.  People really enjoyed the game and sat in for several rounds.  I did notice that people didn't…


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Fluxx TBG Goes Backstage at the Philadelphia Folk Festival

Well, actually, it was UNDER the stage, but why quibble about minor details?

Members of the Philadelphia Folk Festival's Power & Lighting crew participated in a few demo games of FTBG in their secret HQ located beneath the festival's main stage last Saturday afternoon, during their off-hours before the concert began. Participants were moderately lubricated in advance with Cherry Bomb and/or Black & Blue apple ciders, from …


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Fluxx TBG with friends

This is really, really late- my Fluxx TBG party was back on July 19!  Whoops.  I had a group of friends over to my house, all of whom had played a version of Fluxx previously.  Everyone was really excited to try out this new twist on the game.  It took us playing two rounds of the game for everyone to understand the strategy behind the gameplay and what it took to win.  I had previously playtested the game at Tabletop Day, so I definitely started off with an advantage in the first round.…


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Otakon Demoing

Hey everyone, went to Otakon this year and had a blast. Spent a few hours on Saturday after seeing Andy Looney and demoed a few games of Fluxx and card game and Fluxx the board game along with Pink Hijinks and Ice Dice.…


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Band Camp Fluxx time

I introduced Star Fluxx to the adults at my daughter's band camp earlier this month. The reaction ranged from confused to enthusiastic (it was very loud game night and the one guy was across the table from me had trouble understanding what I was saying - he ended up leaving, but retried and understood the game the next day). I did play with promos (The Traitor and the Robodoctor) and two from Fluxx 4.0 (the Radioactive Potato and the New Rule card that goes with it). I find that the three…


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Fluxx Board Game Home Demo

After I revived the game I read through and played a few times with room mates to get the rules down. After such time I had a number of friends over (10 in total) that I demoed the game for. They liked the Craziness the game creates even if 2 of them didn't really like Fluxx the card game (still don't know why)

I plan on taking some time from Otakon This coming weekend and Demo The game along with Fluxx Card games ( I have a few thanx to my girl friend ) along with Pink Hijinks (as soon…


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