October 2013 Event Reports (4)

Fluxx: The Board Game--Various Demos

I purchased Fluxx: The Board Game at Gaymer X in San Francisco on August 4th. Since then I have played it with five children aged 7-11, my gaming group which consisted of 5 middle-aged women, and a retired couple. I did not get individual event reports written up, so I'm summarizing now.

F:TBG is fairly easy to adapt to if you are familiar with the original Fluxx card games. Even without that prior knowledge, it only takes about ten minutes to be up and running, and players are…


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Choose One Demo Two

Saturday, October 19th, was my second family demo. My boyfriend Max, his parents, and I had a great time and many hearty laughs playing Choose One. Ernie (Max's dad) plays maybe one or two games a year, so it was great that he was interested in playing not once, but twice! Then after he went to bed the remaining three of us played another two games. It was definitely a hit!

Max's response to the Dragons or Unicorns card: "Yes, please!!!" LOL! We established a house rule that you had… Continue

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Choose One Demo One

I celebrated Choose One Launch Day (Friday, October 20th) by playing a game with my in-laws. We had had a long afternoon and evening out, and my mother-in-law said she was too tired to play. I said, "OK, but can I show you the cool game pieces?" I got out the black velvet bag and dumped the pieces into my hand. "Look at the cute house and car... And the sparkly gemstone. And I love this actual metal nut." At this, my father-in-law came over to look. "Hmmm... Those are cute," says my… Continue

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Fluxx TBG first ever play.

So I finally got to try out FTBG. And its a fast speedy game. With only a couple of extra players, this won't count, but was good fun.

I did notice a minor problem. Because the pegs stick out the bottom of the pegboard, you need to pick up the board to change the peg settings, and you have to be careful when putting it down, otherwise it pushes all the pegs back out.

I'm fairly sure that FTBG is now on at least one persons Christmas list.…


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