November 2011 Event Reports (7)

Philcon Gaming Suite a big success - Star Fluxx was a hit!

My final planned demos were at Philcon - the 75th Anniversary of the Philadelphia Science Fiction Society's Annual Convention. We hosted the gaming suite and featured demos of Star Fluxx and IceDice. We were busy during the hours we were open on Friday and Saturday and multiple demos were run for groups from 3 to 6. I gave out 20 promo cards (and then there were none!).Once people knew how to play, they would come back so that their friends could learn as well. All in all, a very successful…


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Ice Dice and Star Fluxx

I've been taking both games with me to gaming groups and conventions. If people like Fluxx in general, they like Star Fluxx; and if they like sci-fi as well, they really like some of the card ideas in Staf Fluxx. People are ok with Ice Dice, but they don't seem to think it has a lot of replay-ability. As most of the people I'm encountering prefer games that last a minimum of 3 hours and think a short game is 1-2 hours, they are not as enthused as I am. But I did have Star Fluxx with me at a…


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My Demos so far...

First Try - Small Circle of Friends

I did my first demo of Star Fluxx with a group of 4 of my friends at one of our weekly Wednesday game nights in October. Everyone really enjoyed the new cards - it really helped that we are all big sci-fi fans.

Next - A more Public Forum

I did my second demo of Star Fluxx (and Ice Dice) at Showcase Comics in Bryn Mawr, PA. There were only a few folks (4) that turned out, but my demo generated some sales of both games for the…


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WindyCon with Star Fluxx, Chrononauts, Back to the Future, and Seven Dragons!

I got pulled in to help run the game room at WindyCon, a sci-fi convention that happens in Chicago. When I figured out I was going, I called up the order phone number and got Alison, who helped me get Star Fluxx and Seven Dragons Demo Kits for the convention. I took my two bins of Looney Labs games and promos, along with other games, and set up to teach games.


The first night I was there people were already asking about Star Fluxx, so I pulled it out and taught a quick game…


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A series of events with IceDice!


I've been carrying around my blue bag fFor a while now, and I realized I still hadn't gotten around to posting actual reports.  I appear to have done that fFor 7 Dragons as well, which I fFeel bad about.  I play games, I get home, I do other stuff ... I put off writing an actual event report.  I realized part of the delay on that is that I don't have a smooth method of posting reports, I think to myself "oh I need to write a big thing, and it needs to be a hundred words, and I…


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Star fluxx and Pyramids at ICONS 2010

The ICON festivals were great and I got to demo the two games.

The inn was crowded most of the time and with at least five players around most of the time so I demoed Star Fluxx

The games went great - New people needed a few rounds to get used to the changing rules, but most wanted to play again and again until they had to go to another event. Some had trouble with the language (We speak Hebrew here), and somewhat discouraged  with the full-of-text cards (Brain Transference,…


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Introducing Looney Labs to the kids of the Gloucester Township Library!

After spending what my boss probably thought was a little too much money on games at Origins this year, I spent the next few months slowly (and not so slowly) introducing the games into our various game programs.  I started with our little guys, the 1st-3rd graders, and showed them how to play Seven Dragons.  The older kids in the group quickly picked up on it and fully enjoy it.  I also taught our 4th-8th graders Seven Dragons.  They grasped the concept much more quickly.  I kept telling…


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