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Our visit to Uncle's Games in Seattle

On the last day of our Seattle trip, we did 2 game store events. The first was at the Bellvue location of Uncle's games, which is located inside a mall. They have a wonderful location - check out this game store!

But we were there on a Tuesday afternoon, when there just aren't a lot of people in the…


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Playtesting @ Greenlake Games

On our last night in Seattle we went to Green Lake Games. This was Andy's favorite of all the game store events we did on this trip, simply because this store is run by some industry friends and a lot of the folks visiting with us were people we've gotten to know at conventions over the years.

The evening also…


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Playtesting @ Gamma Ray Games

Last night (while in town for PAX), we did a game store event at Gamma Ray Games in Seattle. It's a small shop, but even so they have a lovely little gaming area upstairs, with 3…


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PAX Prime 2012

PAX was a great show for us! We had a small booth upstairs on the 6th floor, where we set up a couple of demo tables and a big new Cthulhu Fluxx banner and we spent all weekend teaching and playing our games with new fans and old friends.

We weren't doing any sales ourselves, there were 5 retailers…


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Playtesting @ Card Kingdom in Seattle

On the night before PAX we did a game store event at a store called Card Kingdom. What an incredible game store! We also had a great meal beforehand at the attached Cafe Mox, which is also an awesome location.

For our event, they let us use their Tournament room, and we set up several game testing…


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Labyrinth Games Meet & Play

Andy and I had a great day playing games at Labyrinth Games & Puzzles this afternoon.…

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Big Experiment #12 - Origins 2011

The Big Experiment #12 was another smashing success!  

It's already 2 weeks behind us, and we have not managed to write up an event report - so I'm starting this page, with this one picture of our beautiful gaming space!  …


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Focus Group testing at Labyrinth Game Store

Andy and I spent 3 hours today hanging out on Capitol Hill in Washington DC at a wonderful little game store called Labyrinth Games & Puzzles. The rules sheets for our new pyramid game, IceDice, and the rules sheet to the bonus game, Launchpad-23, both go to the printer on Monday...  and we wanted to get in one more…


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Borders Demo for Zombie Fluxx

Borders Books is running a Family Game Night in all of their stores on three thursdays in January, and asked us to attend a few in our local area...   last night Andy and I played Zombie Fluxx at the Borders in White Flint Mall, Rockville MD.

Since this is a large chain and the corporate office was organizing the event, I was not surprised to find there was very little advertising for it in the local store. But they gave us a table in a great location and we had a lot of fun!  We…


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Pirate Fluxx with the SeaMonkeys

I just got back from a truly awesome event - a group of 350 Jonathan Coulton fans on a big boat in the Caribbean - it was called JoCo Cruise Crazy,…


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