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SDCC 2015 July 8-12th

I didn't get to do nearly as many demos as I would have liked this year due work with the games dept but I was able to try a couple of things with Andy which were amazing. I also got to get in some games with the late night people, we played Batman Fluxx and a few others and also Loonacy(which is a personal favorite). Overall I think things went well this year, the demo team was great and they stayed fairly busy throughout the con.

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Loonacy, Fluxx, Choose One at Brookhurst Hobbies, Garden Grove, CA Apr 11th

It was a very long and busy day and I am not sure how many games were run in total but ran people through a couple dozen games of Fluxx and then left them with various sets to play on their own. Fluxx 4th and 5th editions, Holiday Fluxx, Stoner Fluxx, Regular Show Fluxx, Cthulhu Fluxx, and Oz Fluxx among others. I also had the chance to teach Loonacy to several families which was very popular, I believe the store may have run out of copies of that one. A little later in the day when the…


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SDCC 2014 July 24-28

I had not initially planned on doing as many demos as I ended up doing but plans rarely hold out and I found myself helping Kristin Looney with demos so she could take some munch needed breaks. Over the course of the con I ran through quite a few demos with the new Regular Show Fluxx and Loonacy. I also got to demo out Choose One, Fluxx the Board Game and most of the other Fluxx sets. Regular Show and Loonacy were big hits with the families that came up to the game room There wasn't really a…


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Fluxx at Brookhurst Hobbies, Garden Grove, CA Feb 16th

There was a customer who had come into the store while I was running some games who had seen Star Fluxx on tabletop and was interested in picking it up, unfortunately the store was fresh out of Star Fluxx, luckily I happened to have Star and Pirate Fluxx with me and I told him he could look through it while I wrapped up the other game. After the other game I gathered everyone around for a game of Star Fluxx which went quite well albeit slow with 4 new players and all the draw rules near the…


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