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Fluxx at MTU K-Day 2013 and Inaugaral GA Board Game Night

So September 6th was K-Day at Michigan Technological University. What it is, is that all of the student clubs have tables set up at a nearby state park, and new and returning students have a chance to see what clubs are available. Starting last year, as my husband is the president of the Gamer's Anonymous gaming club on campus, is that I run various board games, including Looney Labs games at the table. It helps bring in new members, and helps get over 4,000 people seeing Looney Labs games.…


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Tabletop Day 2013!

(Sorry if this is report but I was just perusing my past event reports and didn't see this one so I am reposting)

So....tabletop day 2013 was a success...but not in the way I expected!

I brought my whole gambit of games, and was wholly expecting the day to be filled with Fluxx and pyramids (which is normal) however I was very pleased when my first group of players wanted to know about Chrononauts, which I love playing, but is often overlooked!…


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Looney Labs Games at Fire and Ice Con 2013

Another February, another Fire and Ice Convention in Manitowac, WI! I was able to bring out my entire Looney Labs library this time, so here was our table setup:

Since this a very family friendly con, we were able to get a few games of Family and Eco Fluxx in with two families that had younger kids, and I…


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Michigan Tech Winter Carnival All Nighter Feb 5 2013

(sorry for the late post, all my pics were saved on my laptop that died and I just fixed it)

So at the local college, Michigan Technological University, they have an event called Winter Carnival, where they celebrate the snow (as we get a LOT) part of it is the "All Nighter" where students work on snow statues throughout the night. Now, given that it's cold hard work, people like to take breaks. So, the gaming club ran a board game all nighter, and I did a table of looney labs games…


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OshCon 2012!

So once again I travelled to Oshkosh, WI for OshCon2012. Since I had a much longer journey and a much smaller car space, I had to lighten my travel load a little, meaning I brought an abbreviated selection of games. I brought with me IceDice, Star, Zombie, Pirate, Cthulhu and Oz Fluxx, as well as Chrononauts, Are you the Traitor? and Aquarius.…


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MTU Gamers Anonymous Fluxx K-Day!

My fiance is the president of his college's gamer's club (Gamers Anonymous at Michigan Technological University in Houghton, MI) and when I heard about the college's yearly meetup for all of the clubs to recruit new members, K-Day, I saw it as a great chance to demo some Looney Labs games! Unfortunately I was not able to get pictures since I was busy playing so much, but we had a great time! I brought with me Pirate Fluxx, Cthulu Fluxx, and Star Fluxx, and all 3 were a hit! We had 4 of the…


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Ice Dice and Star Fluxx Demos

Back in October, there was a local gaming convention, OshCon, and I ran two demo events for Looney Labs games. I brought with me Ice Dice, Star, Normal, Pirate, Martian, and Monty Python Fluxx, as well as Chrononauts and Early American Chrononauts, and Back to the Future. I scoped out the vendors to keep note of which vendors had Looney Labs games and which ones, and also picked up a new copy of Zombie Fluxx to replace my set that died in moving, as well as Pink Treehouse and Eco and Family…


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