2013 Kingdom Con! Fluxx Fluxx and More Fluxx

2013 Kingdom Con Fluxx!

Never in my entire history of running demos have I had people waiting at the tables before I get there waiting and ready to play. I enjoyed running every type of Fluxx over this past weekend. It was quite an amazing experience. Every player I met I was kind friendly and ready to throw some creepers. For the Convention I did a different theme for each day. Friday I ran "Laugh your Fluxx off", where I ran the fun light-side verison of Fluxx which included Wizard of Oz Fluxx and Monty Python Fluxx. The best part of it all was hearing everyone sing and talk in their fake accents. On Saturday showed everyone the dark side of Fluxx, which included Martian Fluxx, Zombie Fluxx, and the fan favorite Cthulhu Fluxx. Sunday was the last day so I hosted some hang over friendly, afternoon of what ever the players wanted. "Players Choice." For the entire convention I never ran a game with less people 6 people total. Except the 4 person sessions I ran on Sunday Morning.

For everyone that didn't get to join me this year at Kingdom con, I will be at the San Diego Comic Con and if you are local feel free to hit me up and we can play.

To everyone that did play with me, I had fun I did my best to make the table stand out and make sure you all had a good time. In truth it was all you guys who made the convention great. It was so awesome to hear my name being called across the room being asked to run another demo! I loved it. So much fun!

See you all Soon



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