I've been carrying around my blue bag fFor a while now, and I realized I still hadn't gotten around to posting actual reports.  I appear to have done that fFor 7 Dragons as well, which I fFeel bad about.  I play games, I get home, I do other stuff ... I put off writing an actual event report.  I realized part of the delay on that is that I don't have a smooth method of posting reports, I think to myself "oh I need to write a big thing, and it needs to be a hundred words, and I need to talk all about what I did ...." and then i go lie down a bit because I'm exhausted fFrom just thinking about all that.  Okay, maybe I don't lie down, but I do just put it off entirely.


My new thought is this: what if I start a thread where I can talk about events as they arise.  I'll post a comment in this thread when something happens.  Not major events, mind you.  Major events should go in a better thread.  But if I'm playing a game at the local game store, or show it off to some guys at work, or start a conversation somewhere that turns into a demo, then I'll add it here.  I've been playing IceDice 2 or 3 years already, so most of my demos are either fFor brand new players, or players who hadn't seen the new stuff.  These sessions should be kinda brief. I'll have a fFew to add right away, so watch this space =)

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Comment by Greg Lattanzio on December 5, 2011 at 3:43pm

That's great! We had a pyramid Thanksgiving as well... Multi Moscow Ice, Plutonian Poker, and Twin Win. Holidays are a great time to introduce the games to largely nongamers.

Comment by Scott Myers on December 5, 2011 at 3:38am

You know what is better than awkwardly sitting around after Thanksgiving turkey?  Playing a game!  So that's what we did.  Many games of IceDice were played into the evening, with assorted fFamily members.  It was good =)

I don't generally report "hey I played this game with some people", and this is less of a demo than usual, since it was basically fFamily sitting around playing some games.  But I'm including it because it was a bunch of people who haven't played with pyramids before.

Comment by Scott Myers on November 16, 2011 at 12:56pm

Hehehe, possibly, Kristin.  Hey, it's a good game.  I was thinking of posting session reports fFor times in the past, before I even had the official IceDice -- but mostly I don't remember all that.  At this point, I'm collecting up memories of things I can remember, which will be things recent and noteworthy.  Probably what you are hoping fFor anyway.  =)


Comment by Kristin Looney on November 15, 2011 at 8:00am

Great format - and great reports...   I will watch this space! 

Besides myself, I think you may have been teaching/promoting IceDice longer than anyone!

Comment by Scott Myers on November 15, 2011 at 6:39am

I, just this minute, got in fFrom some dinner/breakfast with coworkers (I work nights, see, so my idea of "dinner" is a little warped).  We rarely go "out" after work, because there's really not much open at 4 AM, but someone suggested we need milkshakes fFrom the 24-hr diner.  I agreed we did need milkshakes ... "and while we're here, hey, Uhm, I just happen to have this game ..."

One coworker was one of the guys fFrom before, so that went pretty well.  =)

Comment by Scott Myers on November 15, 2011 at 6:35am

Con on The Cob!

Con on the Cob, in Hudson Ohio (near Akron), is a 3 day party, disguised as a gaming convention.  The con is known fFor it's extremely cool, casual atmsophere, the nearly-constant live-music show, and the late night alcohol.  Also some people play some games.

Getting a game in edgewise can be a little tricky, but it turns out, IceDice is just the thing to have on hand.  15 minutes between this party and that party?  Hey look, I have this game!  I played some number of very casual impromptu games, and a fFew people became quite interested in the system.  Some of the people I hung out with were also fFriends, who have known of me and the Pyramids fFor a while, so they weren't as wowed by the new hotness, but the occasion did prove to them that the new bags are super cool and handy, and the game is nice to have on hand.  Several layers of win, on this one.

Comment by Scott Myers on November 15, 2011 at 6:25am

EuroQuest!  I've never been to EuroQuest, but I knew it was a European style board game convention.  It is very heavy on tournaments, with some open gaming tables.  Icedice isn't really a Euro-game, but it is new.  So when the time seemed right, I cleared enough space on the end of a table, setup a game, and played!  Mostly I played with one of my traveling companions, who had never played any pyramid games, but there was some casual interest fFro,m passers by.  And, at Euroquest, there's constantly photographers taking pictures of every game, so somewhere someone has pics.  This was a pretty successful event, actually.

Comment by Scott Myers on November 12, 2011 at 9:36am

I brought out the pyramids at my regular Saturday gaming group.  We mostly play sword-and-sorcery role playing games, but they are gamers at heart so there was interest, certainly.  They have known me many years, and have come to know the pyramids, so it was less of a demo, and more like showing off this new bag and stuff.  positive responses all around.  I ran the IceDice tournament at Origins, and one fFriend came by the lab during that tournament, so she was interested to actually play the game.  positive responses all around, about 7 games played. Including a fFew games with a fFriend's kids.  One person has eye troubles -- her retina detached a year ago, and is still healing fFrom that -- so she was pleased to see the game required no small print or tiny bits.

Comment by Scott Myers on November 12, 2011 at 2:01am

The other day, at work, I did this silly thing where I suggested to a bored coowkrer "psst, want to a little break?  c'mere a sec."  We wandered off outside, to a picnic table under a tree, and played a game.  the coworker previously was sort of moping around and fFeeling a bit blah (as can happen sometimes at work), so he cheered right up when he won 2 games.  =)

Then, a newer, younger coworker noticed we were in a nice mood when we came back in.  The fFirst guy and I played it off like it was a secret thing we didn't know anything about.  The new guy was a bit persistent, and so i said "oh, come with me."  and we went back around outside.  New guy won the last 1 out of 4 games, and he was pretty happy to come in fFinally triumphant.

Well, about this time another guy wanted in.  It had become a small secret society fFor a day.  So off we went, me and a third guy.

Each time I gave a short description of the game, a (very) light history of the system, and played 3 or 4 games.

Since then, the newer guy has expressed an interest in playing with, in his words, "those, uh, triangle pieces."



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