This past weekend was AnCon, located in Hudson, Ohio. Matt Ankney and myself worked under the steely gaze of Andrew Burkett to demonstrate as many Looney Labs games as we could. Throughout the weekend, we demonstrated Seven Dragons, Chrononauts, Star and Oz Fluxx, and many different games for Looney Pyramids. I was lucky enough to be able to play several awesome games of Binary and Sinister Homeworlds throughout the weekend, and even was able to teach the game to a couple people, which was a real treat. I also had the pleasure of buying an original used copy of the IceTowers set, which is now going to be a prized possession of my gaming collection. During the nighttime portion of the Con, as is customary where Looney people are, Looney things happen, and werewolves and traitors were lurking about. Saturday probably contained the biggest games, as we had a big convergence of people at one time. We ended up combining two packs of werewolf cards for our village of twenty-one people! We had three werewolves and two seers, and the rest were just normal villagers, and it was a big highlight for many of the younger goers to the convention. In fact, the last day as the con was wrapping up, kids kept running up to me and asking if we were going to be playing again, and bugging their parents to get the game for them. So, i think we've got a budding group of Werewolf Hunters that have just been born. Sunday also closed out the weekend Fluxx tournament with the qualifiers meeting to play what Andrew refers to as Final Fluxx, which is all the Fluxx games combined simultaneously, with blank cards thrown in on top, just to make things interesting. Some interesting goals cropped up such as possession of 10 goal cards, or one that involved superman's cape, which had come into play when a blank keeper popped up. After a grueling 2.5 hours of play, Matt Ankney finally won, making him the AnCon Fluxx champion. It seemed like all of these events were able to start some sparks of interest in Looney Labs games, and hopefully in the future we can turn those sparks into a roaring flame.

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Comment by Jack William Goble Jr. on July 14, 2012 at 5:07pm

My Daughter Rowan (age 11) enter almost every qualifier at the con and finally was able to make it in the final in the last one.  She fought fiercely for those 2 1/2 hours and loved every minute of it.  She says it was really funny when cards from different decks worked together.  While she did not win this time she is looking forward to Ancon next year and really wants to go to more cons to become an all around Looney Champion.  

We will always miss the BIg Experiment, but we are hoping to head to MD this summer perhaps for a challenge match with Andy.  She still (!) tells us every few weeks how she beat Andy.  I think it may just go on her tombstone someday.

Comment by Kristin Looney on July 9, 2012 at 4:14pm

Yay!  Thank you Joshua, Matt, and Andrew - sounds like AnCon was a fun (and Looney) time!  Thanks for promoting our games a the convention! 


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