Are You A Werewolf event at Alterniverse

Are You A Werewolf was run during Alterniverse's Halloween Extravaganza, which resulted in the purchase of all copies of Werewolf in stock and special orders for more.

11 rounds were played in which the werewolves overran the village 10 times. In our sessions, to facilitate interactions, several 'positions' were assigned, such as Mayor, Chief of Police, Executioner and others, including the High Priest(ess) of the Mystic Oracle (Magic 8-ball) who could consult the Mystic Oracle once per day.

Most of the players had never played AYAW? before.

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Comment by Bianca Ruffin on October 31, 2012 at 10:16am

Awesome news! And how timely given Halloween. :)


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