I spent last weekend at a game festival in Brzeg (Poland). After a couple eurogames in a 6-person group, 3 of the players went for lunch, so I pulled out my pyramids and taught the remaining 2 Branches and Twigs and Thorns as a quick filler, and they enjoyed it enough that we played 3 times. I then taught them Icetowers, and again we played 3 times.


Later in the day, I had a request from 2 other guys for Zendo (one had played it once, the other was curious), so we played 3 rounds. The new player liked it so much that late that night in the hotel he & I & my SO played 5 more rounds. He was also curious about Homeworlds, so I taught him and we played 3 times! The 3rd game he was beginning to catch on and even gained the upper hand at one point. :) My SO and I also played a couple games of Gyges with pyramids.


Near the end of the next day, I got to play 4-player Homeworlds with the guy who taught me the game a couple years before and 2 other new players. Unfortunately one new guy had to leave (con admin duties) so we left his ships as they stood and it became a 3-player game. Later the other newbie was eliminated, so just us 2 old-timers remained and had a long epic battle that was a very satisfying way to finish the weekend. :)


All in all a great gaming weekend, and I was happy to get to introduce several pyramid games to several new players who enjoyed them so much. (Now if only I could get a multiplayer game of Gnostica some day...)


PS: Found photos by MisterC in the web:

Me, Jan, Kuba playing Zendo:


Me & Zara2stra playing our epic Homeworlds:

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