Saturday, October 19th, was my second family demo. My boyfriend Max, his parents, and I had a great time and many hearty laughs playing Choose One. Ernie (Max's dad) plays maybe one or two games a year, so it was great that he was interested in playing not once, but twice! Then after he went to bed the remaining three of us played another two games. It was definitely a hit!

Max's response to the Dragons or Unicorns card: "Yes, please!!!" LOL! We established a house rule that you had to show the cards you were trading out (usually because they would be too easy) and let us guess on them anyway. It was fun to see how well we knew each other...not only which choice we would choose, but the often convoluted reasons WHY we would make that choice. Occasionally there was an upset and everyone guessed wrong. This was always greeted with a roar of laughter, followed by light-hearted accusations of lying. ;o)

I lost every game by several spaces. It was generally agreed that I am too much of an open book to succeed at this game. LOL! But it's definitely fun trying!

Even though we went through the whole deck in one evening, the game has plenty of replay left. The cards become brand new again when a different player gets them. :o) But I can definitely see a market for expansion packs. The blanks were also oohed and ahhed over, and will be reserved for a lengthy vetting process to see which 5 ideas win the right to permanent card status.

What I especially like about Choose One is that, as with all Looney Labs games, there are so many different ways to have fun with it. Whether it's enjoying the quirky game pieces, taking a walk down memory lane, having your brain tickled by a difficult choice, enjoying knowing what your friend is thinking, laughing at the plot twists, or dreaming up new cards to add to the deck, Choose One always comes up a winner. :o)

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