I celebrated Choose One Launch Day (Friday, October 20th) by playing a game with my in-laws. We had had a long afternoon and evening out, and my mother-in-law said she was too tired to play. I said, "OK, but can I show you the cool game pieces?" I got out the black velvet bag and dumped the pieces into my hand. "Look at the cute house and car... And the sparkly gemstone. And I love this actual metal nut." At this, my father-in-law came over to look. "Hmmm... Those are cute," says my mother-in-law. "How do you play?" I demonstrated with a sample card. "Well, maybe I'll play one round... I call the hot dog!"

It took a couple turns to get the hang of the voting and scoring. They wanted to keep their white and blue cards separate, rather than in their hands. And they sometimes gave the answer away by turning both colors up, then voting. But it wasn't long before we were in the groove and having fun! My mother-in-law won. "Can just two people play?" she asked. "Lee, we should get this."

I explained that it was meant to be a party game for more people, but could probably be adapted. We ended up playing a second game with just the two of them, adjusting the scoring rules as we went. This game was even better than the first. This couple who have been married more than 50 years found that the cards got them reminiscing about how they knew what the other would choose. They talked about good times for over an hour and became visibly more animated and less mentally fuzzy.

This was not the target population or group size for Choose One, but the game was a hit and I thoroughly enjoyed my first full games of Choose One. :o)

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