Cthulhu Fluxx demo and a few other things

The first of a number of games that evening.  The game store owner is the one in the hat.

There is no game store where I live, but an old college friend has recently opened one near my hometown, where I visit often (Thoom! Games, Marquette, Michigan).  Before the release of Cthulhu Fluxx, I visited him in the shop and introduced him to Aquarius and Volcano, and left him my copies of Playing With Pyramids and 3house.  He was already familiar with Fluxx.  No others were in attendance for this. 

This past weekend, at a large gathering of friends (but not actually at the shop), I cheerfully demoed Cthulhu Fluxx to him and about a half-dozen other friends.  Most were familiar with other versions of Fluxx (Monty Python and Zombie were mentioned as favorites), and some were Lovecraft fans.  The game was well-received, and the "everyone loses" outcomes were felt to be both entertaing and entirely appropriate.

In other news, here at home we've dusted off the Pyramids and the kids and I have been enjoying Treehouse, Cracked Ice, Pharaoh, and IceDice (the push your luck/bust out mechanic reminds us of Zombie Dice).

I hope to have another chance to spread the word again soon.


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Comment by Andrew Lupp on August 28, 2012 at 9:50am

Great report Mark. It seems that although you dont have a FLGS nearby - yu make the most of your opportunities to pay with friends and that is what Looney Labs is all about - good times & good friends!

Glad you dusted off the Pyramids! There will be a chance very soon to explore the universe of Looney Pyramids... but you will find out soon enough! 



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