Dragonmeet, Kensington Town Hall, London UK, 1st December 2012

This was my first convention post-EU safety changes for the pyramids, so wouldn't it just be the convention at which every other person wanted to play a Pyramid game!

The organisers kindly let me have two tables, which meant that games didn't have to keep being scrabbled up and piled at the end whenever a demo took place, and also having a display entices wandering gamers over for a look. I ended up with 'Everything Fluxx' on one table, along with the promo cards stashed at one end, and everything else on the other - the card-based games displayed in their boxes and boards/rules for the pyramid games fanned out. I included one rainbow stash-worth in the display, but well within my field of vision in case of Small Grabby Children (if there were any, their parents kept them under control). That table also had a blown-up-to-A4-size copy of the safety warning about pointy bits (the one with the line drawing cartoon of Andy) in a clear acrylic stand-up right at the front, so people couldn't miss it.

The two tables had one big disadvantage; I was running things solo and it can get really difficult to handle two tables at once given that they're playing unrelated games. It was a good thing that I decided to have breakfast that morning as I barely got the chance for a couple of handfuls of crisps during the rest of the day! However a group who are regulars at Dragonmeet and who zero in to fleece me of whichever new promo cards have come out that year have offered to help out if I'm in a similar situation next year so that I can catch a break or two (if you're reading this, guys, it was nice seeing you again and I'll take you up on that one).

Pyramids were a bit of an issue. I had to explain that EU safety regs have to protect the autodarwinators amongst the population as well as those with common sense, and that no, even if I were to 'gift' a spare stash to them, it would still be not necessarily illegal, but could get the con organisers in trouble if there were later injuries. I just ended up pointing (no pun intended) people to the LL online store to obtain theirs. I don't know if this incipient scarcity of the pieces was to blame, or if it was just chance, but when I came to pack up, a small red pyramid had gone missing and wasn't lurking any place nearby. All the pyramid players received their 'Press Your Luck' promo card and as they all had Fluxx variants of some kind, they were happy.

Speaking of promos, I'm running low on the Oz Fluxx ones. This is bad, in that all my posters have to be altered to include 'while they last' but good, in that it'll cut down on the number of people singing the rude versions of the songs. If you're ever playing Oz Fluxx, and the song New Rule comes out, beware. If a player looks around the room before opening their mouth then they're looking for kids, to determine which version of the song is performed.

Between the double table, some people playing by themselves on one whilst I taught at another and players who came back at intervals, I really have no idea how many came through...enough that I didn't get to stop between 10am and 5pm, and nearly 2 packs of Hastur promos - thank you to the mail order team for getting my extras of those to me in time! In addition, everyone who wanted one could have a 'The Star' Keeper (remember that one from ages back?) as it was the last con before Xmas.

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