Event Report: Spring Launch at Battlegrounds Gaming in Norwalk, CT.

Hello all!

Last night (March 16, 2016) in Norwalk, CT at Battlegrounds Gaming, I held a Looney Labs Demo Night with the Spring Launch kit.

I demoed a game of Mad Libs for 3, then Firefly Fluxx for 2. Then we had a game of Mad Libs with 4 and 2 more games of Firefly Fluxx with 2 players each.

I brought my own setup with a tie-dye tablecloth and a black Mad Science Institute lab coat.

Prizes were given out from the Warehouse Swag Bag and everyone in the store walked away with something!

I tried to promote Pyramid Arcade as well, using pyramids as game tokens for the points gained in Mad Libs and to denote when a one time rule was played in Fluxx.

Everyone seemed to have fun and I'm hoping to go back for more demos when I have a free day.

This was Battlegrounds' normal board game night, so the store had a bunch of people who were already engaged in games, but the people who made it over to my table had the best seat in the house!

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