Location: eBash Castleton
Games Played: Monty Python Fluxx, Firefly Fluxx, Batman Fluxx, Fluxx 5.0, Star Fluxx, Back to the Future, and Pink Hijinks.
Number of participants: 20

During our 25 hour fundraiser for Extra Life we spent most of the day day playing Looney Labs games and had two separate Fluxx tournaments. There were a few guys there that had never played Fluxx before so we played a few hands of Firefly Fluxx to teach them how to play. The first tournament had 14 players and we started with Firefly Fluxx in the first round, moved onto Batman Fluxx, and the final round was Star Fluxx. Winner to choose a Fluxx deck with promo cards, second place got to choose from Pink Hijinks, The Empty City or Alison's peace sign puzzle, and third place got a Spanish language copy of Fluxx.

After the tournament we played some other versions of Fluxx and had a short Pink Hijinks tournament with the winner getting a copy of Pink Hijinks.

We started the second tournament at 1:30am and only had 12 people for this one, 6 were from the previous tournament,ent and 6 were new. At 2:00am when we set the clocks back for daylight savings time I took down the names of those not eliminated yet. We finished the tournament and the winners got the same prize options as the those from the earlier tournament. We then played the Back to the Future card game until we hit 2:00am again. At that point we restarted the tournament where we were before setting the clocks back and finished again with new winners this time. The new winners picked what was left over from the previous prizes.

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