Fluxx at Brookhurst Hobbies, Garden Grove, CA Feb 16th

There was a customer who had come into the store while I was running some games who had seen Star Fluxx on tabletop and was interested in picking it up, unfortunately the store was fresh out of Star Fluxx, luckily I happened to have Star and Pirate Fluxx with me and I told him he could look through it while I wrapped up the other game. After the other game I gathered everyone around for a game of Star Fluxx which went quite well albeit slow with 4 new players and all the draw rules near the bottom of the deck. After the first game I broke out Pirate Fluxx and the six of us ran through it in about 30 minutes and the game ended with a combo backfire when Casey tried to steal Brians spanish flag by playing the plunder rule but didn't notice the cutlass Brian had and then Brian plundered Caseys ship right after winning the game.

The game days continue to do well at Brookhurst Hobbies and Fluxx continues to be a staple of what I demo while running them.

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