Fluxx at MTU K-Day 2013 and Inaugaral GA Board Game Night

So September 6th was K-Day at Michigan Technological University. What it is, is that all of the student clubs have tables set up at a nearby state park, and new and returning students have a chance to see what clubs are available. Starting last year, as my husband is the president of the Gamer's Anonymous gaming club on campus, is that I run various board games, including Looney Labs games at the table. It helps bring in new members, and helps get over 4,000 people seeing Looney Labs games. Usually we don't get any players since there are over 170 tables for the students to visit, but we get MANY onlookers which brings in a bunch of people later that night for the first GA meeting of the year.

This year was no exception (other than me forgetting my camera at home and my phone dying not even a hour into the event). I only had 6 different people actually play (my husband included) but we had several dozen onlookers who stayed and watched games. We played Fluxx the Board Game, Zombie Fluxx, Ice Dice, Treehouse, Pharoh, Seven Dragons, and Chrononauts. On their sign up sheet, 5 players specifically mentioned Fluxx as one of their games interests which is pretty good since most people just put "board games" "RPGS" or "all games".

That night we had over 20 people come to the first meeting, which starts with 2 hours of open board gaming, a short business meeting, and then more gaming for 4-6 hours. Although I was busy helping oversee everything and helping my husband with paperwork and all the boring administrative stuff with new members, I saw many of my Looney Labs games being played, including F:BG, Cthulu Fluxx, Star Fluxx, Pyramids, Aquarius, and Are You the Traitor. I also has someone ask me specifically about the Choose One game, since they had seen it on Facebook and wanted to know if I had a copy of that yet to try. The club also voted on using part of their dues money on purchasing a copy or two of Fluxx for the club, so that even after we are gone, the club will have their own copies.

Fortunately, I had a chance to play F:BG about a half dozen times before the event with various friends, and was able to work out the one complaint I had received across the board about the game...and that is, that the pegs are longer than the cardboard is thick, which means the pegs don't stay in nice at all. If someone presses down on the cardboard to move a peg, ALL the pegs are knocked out of their holes because the card does not lie flat with the pegs shoved in. This led to accidentally resetting the rules MANY times because of all the pegs being pushed out by the table.

My solution? A cheap and easy fix that involved a quick trip to the dollar store.

I picked up a cheapo sponge, and cut 8 little squares and 2 rectangles out of it that were about as wide is 2.5 squares side by side. I then used a hot glue gun to glue a small square of sponge in each corner, and one rectangle along the center. Because it is a sponge, pressing down on it doesn't cause unneeded stress on the card, and the pegs easily fit in the hole without throwing the cards off center. In the tiny spaces where sponge is overlapping a hole, it's no problem because the peg is stronger than the elasticity of the sponge. Here are two pictures I took of my solution. The first shows the underside, so you can see where I glued the sponge pieces, and the second shows how it looks while being used.

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