Fluxx TBG at Game Master Games - August 7th

Game Master Games is the first place I brought Fluxx TBG, since our convention staff had already been screening Doctor Who at the owner's (totally awesome game-themed) restaurant.  About a dozen people came out (which wasn't bad for a Wednesday evening).  The group had tremendously varying experience levels ranging from avid gamers already familiar with Fluxx to people who weren't gamers at all.  People really enjoyed the game and sat in for several rounds.  I did notice that people didn't seem to be making use of the rotate and uproot ability (more on this in my next event report). 

Those players who were familiar with the card game were really pleased with the way the board game still 'feels' like the original.  I also think the less experienced players were made more comfortable because the unpredictability means the experienced gamers didn't have the advantage of thinking like gamers. 

We also had plenty of extra room at the end of the table, so we started up a Chrononauts for people who were waiting (it seemed the natural fit for Doctor Who fans). 

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