Fluxx TBG at our monthly Game Day - August 24

My husband and I have a once-a-month gaming group we meet up with.  We're always looking for quick, 'light' games that we can play in between the 2 and 3 hour behemoths that we only ever get to bust out at these sessions, just to refresh the mental palate and kill some time before the pizza arrives. 

After the first game ended I laid out the board and added a set of pennies and a set of quarters to accommodate the extra 2 players (our usual method of extending a game).  I noticed again that people were reluctant to break the shape of the board, even with a reminder of the rule.  I also decided that I'm going to start upping the number of goals needed to win more often.  I usually turn 'wrap' on as my first rule change.  Once again, however, somebody won the game in very very short order by having a goal their pieces started out on in their hand, while being very close to the current goal.  Although it's nice to have a quick game, sometimes at 3 it just goes too quickly.  I had thought that adding the extra players might unduly extend the playing time, but it's Fluxx, so of course that didn't play out like I expected. 

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