Fluxx TBG at TWS Hobby Center - August 11th

My second demo outing was at TWS Hobby Center.  This business has had an internet presence for quite some time, but they opened a store front in late July (and I'm already spending way too much time there).  Foot traffic was light, but it was a gorgeous Sunday afternoon so I think we also lost out to the beaches.  By the end of the session we had 6 people total. 

First was a woman and her son (about 11).  She had heard about the demo and wanted her son, a Minecraft fan, to become more involved in tabletop gaming ("You know...with actual people.").  He really, really liked being able to change the tiles - or as he called it, "mess up the board".  Later on, a man came in with his son, about the same age.  Again, the dad worked more with the cards and moving pieces, but his son really wanted to move tiles around, make the spaces come to him, and play with the shape of the board. I found it interesting that in both demo sessions, adults seemed really locked into the square shape, even if they rotated tiles, but kids stretch things out just because they can.  The third couple was in their mid-20s, already familiar with Fluxx.  They played twice, and then joined us in a game of UberChrononauts, which the wife was very familiar with, having used Chrononauts in her classroom. 

All in all, even though turnout was lower than I'd hoped, people seemed to enjoy the game. 

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