Fluxx TBG Goes Backstage at the Philadelphia Folk Festival

Well, actually, it was UNDER the stage, but why quibble about minor details?

Members of the Philadelphia Folk Festival's Power & Lighting crew participated in a few demo games of FTBG in their secret HQ located beneath the festival's main stage last Saturday afternoon, during their off-hours before the concert began. Participants were moderately lubricated in advance with Cherry Bomb and/or Black & Blue apple ciders, from Julian's Hard Cider in California.

Their first game ended in under ten minutes. The next one took over 90 minutes, in part because players realized that they had to concentrate on strategy to have a chance of success.

Everyone had a fine time, and at least one person felt it was better than the card game.

There was one major complaint from all the players: The pegs keep falling out of the peg boards!

They also had a few recommendations, which I have transcribed from their in-game notes. (Yeah, I'm such a slave-driver, I made them write stuff down!)

RECOMMENDATION #1: Rename "Exit the start space" to just "The Start Space"

RECOMMENDATION #2: Change the turn on Rotate, Wrap, Uproot to toggle so they don't become useless and so it's easier to turn off stuff.

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