I purchased Fluxx: The Board Game at Gaymer X in San Francisco on August 4th. Since then I have played it with five children aged 7-11, my gaming group which consisted of 5 middle-aged women, and a retired couple. I did not get individual event reports written up, so I'm summarizing now.

F:TBG is fairly easy to adapt to if you are familiar with the original Fluxx card games. Even without that prior knowledge, it only takes about ten minutes to be up and running, and players are usually completely up to speed by the second or third game.

The main difference I see between the board and card games is that the board game uses quite a bit of visual-spatial skills that are not needed in the card games. With the groups I played with, here is how that featured played out:
--the retired couple really struggled cognitively with the game in general, and particularly the visual-spatial aspect.
--the middle-aged game group, who had all played the card games, rated the new game as more fun than the card game if they were particularly talented visual-spatially, and less fun if they weren't. Everyone enjoyed the game, but there was this definite division in preferences for board game vs. card games.
--the kids all loved the game the first time they played. One 9-year-old's response was, "Best. Game. EVER!" They all quickly adapted to the visual-spatial aspect, but didn't always use it to their best advantage. After multiple plays, 4 of the 5 kids still enjoy the game. The one who doesn't care to play it any more has comprehension issues that make it particularly taxing for her. The 7-year-old required an adaptation because he was a non-reader when we started playing. We simply played with all cards face up on the table, and I would read them to him as necessary. He was able to glean needed information from the illustrations for many of the cards. Playing with cards visible does change the game play, but it was still quite enjoyable for both of us. It's not often that you find a game that can be enjoyed equally by a 7-year-old and an adult! :o)

Overall, the game was enjoyed by all those I played with. Of the 11, I would guess that 5 enjoyed it enough to purchase it. :o)

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