Focus Group testing at Labyrinth Game Store

Andy and I spent 3 hours today hanging out on Capitol Hill in Washington DC at a wonderful little game store called Labyrinth Games & Puzzles. The rules sheets for our new pyramid game, IceDice, and the rules sheet to the bonus game, Launchpad-23, both go to the printer on Monday...  and we wanted to get in one more round of playtesting with new players who have never seen the game before. 

Here you see two of our playtesters teaching themselves how to play Launchpad-23.  It is always a challenge in situations like this for me to keep my mouth shut and not answer questions - but when we are testing the rules, every question must be answered with "what does the rules sheet tell you?"

Both games tested beautifully, but we did make a couple of excellent last minute tweaks to the rules sheets for both of them.  For example...  one of our playtesters was confused by "All rocket parts on the board should be stacked by size, with smaller pieces on top of larger pieces" concluding that this meant that you could not move a piece if it would not be stacked right.  So Andy just changed that  sentence to "After you move, restack all rocket parts by size, with smaller pieces on top of larger pieces."  

Although I did not play even one game of Pirate Fluxx, I did gift at least a dozen Fluxx fans with a copy of the SKULLDUGGERY promo card. The new SURPRISE card type sure is a big hit!  (P.S. Have you taken our survey - which of the new game mechanics in Pirate Fluxx are you most excited about?)


Big thanks to Kathleen and her staff for showing us a good time this afternoon!


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Comment by Daniel R. Nelon on March 21, 2011 at 6:46pm
Are those Emerald-colored pyramids you have there? Oooh!
Comment by Dave Autzen on February 5, 2011 at 8:43pm
I am so looking forward to the new dice game!


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