The game event at the toy store went well. It could have had more participants, but the kids that showed up seemed to have a lot of fun. Seven Dragons was a huge hit, so was Aquarius when I suggested trying it out, but I think they liked the artwork on Seven Dragons more.

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Comment by Stephen Sciame on September 22, 2012 at 2:20pm

The store is not on the Looney Lab official retailers since this program was going to show if there was an interest in the games before carrying many of them, but the owner did pick up a few copies of 7 Dragons since she thought that would be what the kids that come to the store would enjoy.The lack of players was mainly the time of day, it picked up later in the program but I was hoping more for a constant stream. The fact that it was the start of Labor day weekend might have also had an effect, people were probably just out of town. The store is just a little first/second hand toy retailer, but being right on the main street in Tarrytown means there is a lot of traffic going by. Since it is such a small store though it tends to just do one big event at a time. Most of the customers are kids and parents, but the kids really got a kick out of Seven Dragons and the artwork. I am planning to bring some version of Fluxx for the next demo.

Comment by Andrew Lupp on September 22, 2012 at 12:33pm

Great news Steve! Is the toy store on of Looney Labs official retailers? How did you first contact with the owner manager go? If you didn't have many players, was it the time of day? other activities in the store? 

Fill us in a bit more on the details...  :)


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